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LICF America's sh*thole in the Philippines

Hello and good day to all. Happy and sh*ty new year. Let's all start it with a particular thought on Living in Cebu Forums America's sh*thole in the Philippines. (You got the picture already! do you really want to continue reading?) 

I know, longtime without an update, some of you sent me messages asking me if I resigned from the stalking business;  The answer is no! I can't! Paul Petrea hired me as his personal biographer, stalker that is, feeling the obligation to fully comply with my duty I'll never resign without his express consent
Let's get started: First thing first: 

A few words to an offended long time supporter. Living in Cebu Forums America's sh*thole in the Philippines

Back in July 2017 I posted an entry about this pedophile with the particularity of being also a dangerous schizophrenic, something more and more prominent doctors agree throughout the world: Donald Trump.
A longtime supporter and informant of this blog reacted with the following comment sent to be published: 
Living in Cebu Forums America's sh*thole in the Philippines

My apology for not posting a few more pics that may had change your mind on whether is trash or not. Here they are:

LICF America's sh*thole in the Philippines
Does this look to you as a father —daughter relationship? Living in Cebu Forums America's sh*thole in the Philippines
 LICF America's sh*thole in the Philippines
And this one? look at his hand, It reminds me the sexpat Americano, Living in Cebu Forums America's sh*thole in the Philippines
 LICF America's sh*thole in the Philippines
And here? Still trash media? Living in Cebu Forums America's sh*thole in the Philippine

I haven't personally seen this kind of "fatherly love" before. Knowing the predator is certainly anything else except a kind father I'm not surprised. The comment comes from an American guy, — who else? Unlike for Barack Obama, no citizen in the entire world other than a section of Americans hailed Trump's victory, obviously a Trump supporter who dreamed his idol will make America great again, hoping once this happen will exit the Philippines shithole he's in and join the "Great America," the one Steve Bannon and Donald Trump promised to make the country. 
My advise to him is this:

"If you're offended of what you read on the blog mentioned above, you better stop reading right here. Even better (for you) stop reading this blog all together, past and future entries. What will be coming in the next, maybe several next, might not be healthy for you and many others'  Because your Divine Leader has taught us the real sense of what a shithole is and who's inside. 
Evan doesn't care what the political views of friends and supporters are, will not manage susceptibilities or sensitivities, neither will side with others' opinions in exchange of  complesances or favors. 

Now, you reader, may ask what Paul Petrea and many members of the LICF have to do with Trump's shitholes and psychotic behavior? Plenty! 

First lets get the latest news about Paul Petrea. 

Since day one on the blogs and forums scene, he has always proudly used his real name, as delusional he can be thinking that this was a valuable asset to him, making him touchable to every lowlife expat specialized in pedophelia  Psychotic porn site authors  Crooks and scammers  pimps, to name a few. His thinking was "Bad publicity help him better than good one. It's more attractive to criminals" 

This has recently changed. Paul realized the amount of damages Evan has caused on him with his persistence and strategy paying off the lowlife community no longer like interaction with overexposed buddies fearing contamination. 
He abandoned the old FB profile  he was known for a new one 

Here is Paul. No name no pictures. Bravo Paul!
Living in Cebu Forums America's sh*thole in the Philippines
But if the cheetah change skin the dark spots are always there. He spends his day arguing about Dems and Reps on the same old rhythm. He has to impress the bigots and racists supporting his survival with donations. (More coming) Here is an exchange he had recently with a "FB friend" 

Living in Cebu Forums America's sh*thole in the Philippines
But no word on the dozens killed in Las Vegas. Living in Cebu Forums America's sh*thole in the Philippines
Here is what he got in response from a "friend":
LICF America's sh*thole in the Philippines
Right on the money friend! Paul never lived in the US, Almost.…He fled in his 20's while on bail for felonies and scams, went back for a few days 2 years ago after he made sure that his crimes were deleted  under the statue of limitation. Read here please. Living in Cebu Forums America's sh*thole in the Philippines

Living in Cebu Forums America's sh*thole in the Philippines

Below is an example of what Paul wanted the forum to be known as. A shithole of pedos and scums seeking advice. Take a look. 
LICF America's sh*thole in the Philippines

 Read the story here. Eventually the pedo was banned, only when it was clear to him (Paul) that I was "stalking" the story with the help of insiders; but probably he's back with another ID and continue his activities. All he had to do is giving a tip to Paul and he's back. Besides, Paul like trump, must absolutely be complaisant with his base composed of criminals, what constitute the base of his forum. 

As I said earlier the LICF has other forums not so hidden where "regular" members can attend but only with permission. "Sign me in" that is. 

Welcome to the US politics forums where the bigots and racists unite to spew their venom on any one disagree with them. The ugly American at its finest.  

Reader, I have a story for you. No Trumps fake news here, real people real time real place.

ome time in the year 2016 I received a request for friend on my FB page from someone I never heard of. Is not my habit of accepting requests from unknowns but I did responded through messenger for more information and the reason behind the request. 

Let's take a look at the conversation: 

LICF America's sh*thole in the Philippines
Is not the first time I'm receiving messages like this. I have plenty in my files. I'd say 70% garbage, personal vendettas  or placing baits on me to fall in their traps. I spotted it right on the spot, so to speak. A visit to Tullioz profile did not reveal anything to corroborate the accusation. Besides, the screen name Bazzanz he was posting I couldn't find it. But I found this: 

Living in Cebu Forums America's sh*thole in the Philippines
Where was it? At Paul's FB timeline. This Paul that earlier Ken said he's covering pedophiles in his forum! His friend! His companion in lowlife scene! 

So? What is going on here? Why he befriend me? To help my crusade in taking down Paul? Certainly not. Here comes the Machiavelli....

If you browse Tullioz profile and posts in the forum you'll quickly get the point that he was far from being the best fit there. There is nothing that goes even close to the accusations. He's a compassionate guy, helping people in his community, author of books and articles. As an Australian, 

(Correction: Tullioz is not an Australian as Ken Thurston stated in our conversation. He's American)

he doesn't understand why these Americans that fled the US shithole they were living in, came to the Philippines spending day in night out posting crap about everything isn't white, insulting any buddy who  isn't Trump's kiss ass. 
Tuillioz windup on the scumbags' black list as an "anti" sentencing him to a tone of mud on his name before banning him. They were counting on my colaboration on that. 

A few hard liners charged Ken Thurston to contact me, befriend me, hoping I will jump on the information given, expose Tuillioz, then exploit the fact to ban him. When Thurston realized that it ain't gonna happen  he unfriended me, but the bigots banned him anyway  

Eventually, Tillioz was reinstated, he did the right thing, as did Ian the Davaoeno, it is always good to have a few good men among the parasites, for the heck to show others "hey, we aren't all Paul's puppets here" 

In closing, may I direct my ex supporter to this video for a detox of his brain? 
BTW, Boing offered an $1000 bonus to all of his employees as gesture of good will and sharing a fraction of the billions in tax cut they got from your hero trump. Unfortunately, you won't be there to collect. 


Next: (Sometime this week)
Living in Cebu Forums America's sh*thole in the Philippines

LICF America's sh*thole in the Philippines

The forum is changing? Really? Or is "the more it changes the more it stays the same?" We'll see. No worries! Evan is not retiring...

Living in Cebu Forums America's sh*thole in the Philippines

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