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Paul Petrea. The final chapter. Finally!

Paul Petrea. The final chapter. Finally! 
Paul Petrea. The final chapter. Finally! 
Paul Petrea. The final chapter. Finally! 

The S/E Asia has finally got rid of Paul, in the most natural way, as expected from such a mentally and physically filthy he is. 

A few days ago, he posted his blood test results on his FB downplaying the gravity of his situation, or, maybe, he didn't even know what all these means. 

Here is what he posted. Click on to enlarge it.
Paul Petrea. The final chapter. Finally! 

Then, we've never heard from him. 'til today. The living in Cebu forums  FB version posted the following announcement. 
Paul Petrea. The final chapter. Finally! 
Billy R Reese‎ to Living In Cebu Forums

20 hrs ·

Re-post From Living in Cambodia & LinC Forums:
Some sad news about Paul. This was on Battambang Connect. 
After a short period of suffering from recurrent abdominal pain Paul went in for some medical tests/diagnosis.
The final diagnosis is pancreatic cancer, stage 4 and terminal. Original estimate of 6 months to a year has proved to be incorrect.
4 days ago he became unresponsive and we got him to the hospital. 
An IV and blood transfusions got him stable enough to transport him back to their home on the farm so he can be in a place he dearly loves. .
He will stay there till he passes away being cared for by Chan and her family . 
Now his survival time is estimated to be about 7 - 10 days. 
Paul and Chan wish's are for a proper Buddhist ceremony and cremation. Followed by appropriate Buddhist rituals. To be announced here at appropriate times as the situation develops.
This completely unsuspected financial drain has placed Chan in a bit of an awkward position financial. Anyone wishing to donate to them should contact Chan through Pauls email address or contact myself either through here or some early afternoons at the Delicious Restaurant on Street 121 near Street 3.
Paul/Chan email address is: 
The farm is about 30K from Battambang and Pauls current condition really precludes visitors,

End of the story? Nope! Paul is history, the LICF isn't. 
To be continued. Preparing the appropriate "tribute" once the breaking news hit my screen. 

Update Nov. 8

As expected, Paul died yesterday. I invite you to read the last part of the announcement above. This one:

"Paul and Chan wish's are for a proper Buddhist ceremony and cremation. Followed by appropriate Buddhist rituals. To be announced here at appropriate times as the situation develops.This completely unsuspected financial drain has placed Chan in a bit of an awkward position financial. Anyone wishing to donate to them should contact Chan through Pauls email address or contact myself either through here or some early afternoons at the Delicious Restaurant on Street 121 near Street 3.Paul/Chan email address is: "
Apparently, the lifeline Chris Sorensen provided to him from the sale of his forum, reportedly 25K US dollars, didn't last long, JD is expensive in Cambodia. Once again, he left it to his GF and her family to raise funerals money. 

I just received confirmation from Savannah that 2 members of his family being contacted by the US Embassy and apparently willing to participate financially.  
A burden to others all his life, including his funerals cost.

Even his beloved forum feel ashamed of him. Dumped him  once now dumped him dead! The thread about him is not on the public forum but for members only! 
Final disassociation?  Or afraid that scammers will start raising money for his funerals. 

Here is an excerpt of some of the posts.

What you didn't tell us is how often he was beating Chan. Hourly?Daily? Each time she forgot to put ice in his JD glace? The last one must have generated most of the slaps lol....

To the request of a viewer here is 3 pages of all hypocrites that spilled their crocodiles tears,

Paul Petrea - LinC Founder Dead At 52 - Announcements - Living In Cebu Forums
Paul Petrea - LinC Founder Dead At 52 - Page 2 - Announcements - Living In Cebu Forums
Paul Petrea - LinC Founder Dead At 52 - Page 3 - Announcements - Living In Cebu Forums

Monday, July 30, 2018

Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time

July 31st 2018 update: I told you so! 

A quick update

As we all know by now, and as expected, the forum is back.  With strange things happening. First, Paul lashed out not only on Chris Sorensen but on Salty Dog also. That snake Salty Dog! Yes folks! Even Paul wants him out of his life! That's how usually ends scumbags flock together. 

Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time
Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time 
Stabbing time
Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time 

Noticed? He said "not affiliated". This means nothing folks. Besides, it comes form the biggest liar in forums history, second only to Paul. Don the salty dog. Sorensen is still the owner, he just delegated power of attorney to him in exchange of acting the way  Sarah Sanders defending trump, lies and damn lies that is. 

And here is what he said on the forum 
Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time
I didn't know who had bought the forum from Paul until nearly a year after the purchase
and I was a staff member.

You did't know who's the new owner for more than a year?  Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time 

Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time

End of the update. Folks there is much more coming. In the mean time, please do a favor to yourself; dont reply to any offer of services, loans, banking, bit coins and similar get rich overnight scams. In few weeks (Summertime laziness here) You'll know more, much more.  

End of the update  Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time 

Hello to all orphan boys residents in the living in Cebu forums. I got some news for you! You know that new owner of the living in Cebu forums Member#1? That you always wondered who the hell    might be this person and why he hides his ID tightly? Mystery solved! Thanks to Paul Petrea! Here he is:

Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time
Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time 

Chris Sorensen. Aka Monsoon, Aka Member#1, What else? Hum!!!!!! Not so good.Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time 

Folks, It could be breaking news but isn't. A few initiated in the LICF knew from day one (Including myself) who Member#1 is (The new owner of the forum). Weeks later almost all of the regular gang knew it also. 
But the demande/order from Chris Sorensen to keep his name secret on the forum was followed, I'd say fairly good, I did follow it as well, just for the heck of helping some friends members who asked for to:  "Let's wait and see what his attentions are." 

While on standby, disturbing information about Chris Sorensen were flowing in about some crooked business registration in Las Vegas and London confirming Chris'  behavior of keeping  it real low, flying under the radar, making sure he goes undetectable. Stil, despite the pressure receiving from supporters to move on, I needed more. 

Then, the surprise came from Paul Petrea Much later of the date he promised to do a statement. It was January 2018 Read below. 

 Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time
Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time 

Then, where everyone thought he will reveal details of the deal and what went wrong and sower, no one imagined that Paul, after months on silence will wake up the beast on him (If ever was asleep) and attack Chris Sorensen right on the Achilles heel: Publically Revealing his name as the owner of LICF was for Soreensen a deep wound to his ego.  Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time 
Folks, this saga isn't about to coming to an end so I can get my trip to Disneyland. Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time 
The forum is not dead, the forum is functioning in hidden layers, yes, there are several layers of secrecy and members classifications. 

Folks, summer time here, I'll be roaming all august between France and Greece but I'll be reading  mail and comments. Send them massively, the horse is not dead, it's in the hands of a veterinary ready to undergo surgery. 

But  no wounded horse has ever entered the competition again. Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time 

Happy Summer to all see you in September. 

Friday, July 27, 2018



THE LIVING IN CEBU FORUMS is undergoing a major facelift: Mr. Member #1 just completed a major software/hardware upgrade that brought the place to a new level of a reliability. making it the most trustworthy  source of information on Cebu. LIVING IN CEBU FORUMS - THE CONFORT ROOM

Remember the old dirty kitchen? "The outlaw" forums as were also called? The place where crooks and pedophiles used to exchange information and tips? Well...It's gone! Overused,  was running out of that addictive smell members couldn't live without; many quit the place in search of other MHTI (Mental Health Treatment Institution) 
In front of this humanitarian disaster, the Elite of the forum decided to reopen the place promising innovation and new style. 

Here is the announcement:

LinC is starting a new restricted access forum. It will be similar to many online forums that have an advanced member section. This forum will be similar to the old Outlaw Forum. A place to discuss current events and issues that aren't allowed on the open forum due to their often contentious nature. 
The name of this new members only forum is The Comfort Room (CR).
  • Membership will be by request only.
  • Access will only be granted to to elite members or above that have at least 100 quality posts within the past 12 months of membership request.
    Same rules apply as elsewhere on LinC, and they will be enforced the same.
  • Be active, or be gone. Members will be required to post regularly and have at least 100 posts per year in the CR to maintain access.
If you want to become a member of The Comfort Room and you meet the posts requirements, please leave a post in this thread requesting access. Your request will be handled as soon as possible, normally within 24-48 hours. Your request will be quoted to let you know when you've been granted access.
Please don't post in this thread for any other purpose.
If you have any comments or questions, please post them in the thread linked here: (don't try to log in if you're not a member.)
Thank you.
Membership is now open, but construction of The Comfort Room has not been completed. There will be an announcement when it's open for busines

The first to raise his hand for questioning was a LinCF veteran former global moderator under the règne of Paul Petrea and dismissed from his post. He was fired by the new guard! I was so worry that he might commit suicide for being stripped of this noble title!! Thanks God it didn't happen! The fact that he chose to stay as a member only helped also to avoid the drama. Bill can still follow his daily treatment within the forum as before. Amen!

On 3/25/2018 at 8:31 AM, Headshot said: 
    • Headshot
    • Elite
    •  22,792
    • 24,320 posts
    • Gender:Male
    • Location:Cebu
    • My Blood Type:I cannot donate
    • Philippines:Current resident

  • First of all, what constitutes a "quality post" and who will be judging that? 
  • Second  really? The rules in the open forums prohibit controversial topics. How will this forum be different if those topics can't be discussed? 
  • Third, why impose an activity rule at all? It seems like it has never been those who read more than they post who have gotten themselves into trouble in the outlaw forums of the past. LIVING IN CEBU FORUMS - THE CONFORT ROOM
  • Having an activity rule will just bring charges that this part of the forum is "clubby" and that unwanted members are arbitrarily removed, similar to the reputation the old "Cellar" had. Does having a large number of forum members somehow create extra work for the staff? If it does (other than signing them up), I fail to see it, so maybe you could explain this.
  • Edited  by Headshot 

    "Bill is this necessary ? your scrutinisation of criteria involving this addition to Linc's current line up....
    Are you going to become a member , or just pick the shit out of the processes ?
    As far as your comment regarding the Cellar ....all of your information is second or third hand chismosa ....are you into chismosa Bill ?
    Take a step back and allow those that are involved and in the KNOW to restructure and format things as they see fit ...there's a good lad now"....

Sorry Bill, this is not the first time you have been called to order since the "departure" (?) Of Paul Petrea, this forum has never been kind to you. What the hell prevents you of signing off?  Most of your buddies are gone long ago. 
You do not fit  the profile as redesigned by the new owners, time for you too retire now,  

Welcome to the Living in Cebu forums new place that goes by the name THE COMFORT ROOM. LIVI

That's how they like it! They asked for, they got it! Congratulations! LIVING IN CEBU FORUMS - THE CONFORT ROOM


LIVING IN CEBU FORUMS - THE CONFORT ROOM The place members go for 
spiritual inspiration and brain oxygenation  Photo curtesy of the living in Cebu forums 
Below, is another suggestion presented by a member by the name "monsoon" (Who the hell is this Monsoon lol!...). Ever since the "departure" of Paul and the closure of the politics shithole we havent read much about Trump. Suddenly, voila! He, (Monsoon) saved the honor and good reputation of the forum. Having a super member - Almost Member#1- endorsing Trump it's an eye blink to the old military farts who earned their medals in an a 9 to 5 office job. A trustworthy member (Now banned) sent me a picture of Monsoon and shows he's bald! Maybe he's attracted by the nice and young looking Trump's hair? Well, if he can afford to pay 50K US$ I can give him the address where to buy the same. Here is what Monsoon wanted. 

But  some of the members felt offended, leaving monsoon with no other choice than renounce. 
Anyway, no discord amongst members rule oblige they settled the problem in the best interest of the collective. 

Friends, its summer time here in the French Riviera, time for...time off. Lots of activities here, even more in Greece where I spend some of the summer days. 

I was hoping that with the latest acquisition of the LinCf by someone who kept the mystery going on for many months will be someone that will come forward, head up, standing up tall, introducing himself and his credentials, also what motivated him to purchase this forum. 

But what was a mystery for 99% of the members it has never been for me. Here is what's next:

-Where is Paul? Did he really sell the forum? and to whom? I'll tell you. LIVING IN CEBU FORUMS - THE CONFORT ROOM

-Who is member #1? Who supposedly bought the forum? Is not going to take much to show you that it flipped from the hands of a psychopath to a low life aventurier  who, (Unlike Paul) loves to  stay anonymous, out of the limelight, especially now days with all the stackers around.....Well, think about it. But Evan knows the story from day one. He'll share it with you soon. LIVING IN CEBU FORUMS - THE CONFORT ROOM

-Why the need of secret forums within the forum? Because what you see on the public forums is not what you really get. No stupid will purchase a forum of the kind of the LinC forums for $25K just for helping you find the best paint in Cebu? 
Excuse me? Make money from advertisements? There isn't such thing folks. The hidden forums is the bread and butter of this board. If there is any money to be made its there, when you can meet crooks, pedos pimps and the /lowincome/lowlife scam setters and sexpats. More details soon. 

As of 15:43 time in France clicking the login button  to the forum getting this.

Am I beating a dead horse? Not yet. The site is up and running but the front page is hidden you can't browse it. But I'm sure the hidden forums are visible to those who are admitted. Let's wait and see what's going on.
Update July 28 2018
Paul Petrea and associates. : LIVING IN CEBU FORUMS - THE CONFORT ROOM
The LiCf is still dark, not down, just unavailable to most users  for a while until definitely reopen with a new look free of headshots, smokeys, watchmen, stalkers and the like. However, a portion of the membership has access to the forum. I'll tell you more later. 
In the meanwhile, if your level of addiction to this forum was incurable, please dont do any stupid thing!!! Please, please.. 

Call the numbers above et Thank you for your cooperation. LIVING IN CEBU FORUMS - THE CONFORT ROOM

Sunday, May 13, 2018


JAMES THOMAS HOBERT AGE 47  residing in Piñero Subdivision Mangnao Dumaguete City Philippines, A long time member of the Living in Cebu Forums is arrested for possession and/or dealing of drugs.

Subject to Search Warrant (SW) on illegal drugs by the members of the Drug operatives PDEA, PDEU and PNP PIB-SOG, the subject is a US National identified as one 


Of course, like any "respectable"  sexpat , scammer, pedo, drug user/dealer living or visiting the PH will  immediately subscribe to the LinCF  "for support and advise". "Motorboy" isn't an exception, is the rule.  

Paul Petrea and associates. : JAMES THOMAS HOBERT AGE 47  
And for those who know him through FB here is his profile: 
Paul Petrea and associates. : JAMES THOMAS HOBERT AGE 47  
No word on the Living in Cebu Forums. Embarrassed? Certainly not! They all know who's who in the membership list, their "hobbies" and "activities," inline with the history of this evil forum. The only embarrassment they may feel is that the stalker Evan put his hands on!.. Once again... 

JAMES THOMAS HUBERT AKA HOBERT AGE 47  is not only a drug user/dealer. He's known as a notorious sexpat and good friend of Collemenlee another sexpat under investigation. 

Here is how he promotes JAMES THOMAS HOBERT AGE 47 . Screenshot from the forum,

Paul Petrea and associates. : JAMES THOMAS HOBERT AGE 47  

LICF Sexpat Lee Adams Coleman lee Collemanlee again?  Yes. again. 

Take a look below: Photo courtesy of Lee Adams Fb. 

Paul Petrea and associates. : JAMES THOMAS HOBERT AGE 47  

To the right of  sexpat Lee Adams is the half  his hight third his age wife. I dont know who the young boys are, but I know who the teen girl in the bikini is. His sister in law, that is his wife's sister.  

Do you reader really need more comments? Or a translator to translate the message? 

He will fall someday also. The wheel run slow but it runs.... We're working hard on it... 

In the mean while Motorboy will join Drew Frederick Shobbrook in jail where he will teach him how to dance. No rush! Plenty of time! The law is kind and generous. 

“Imprisonment of twenty (20) years and one (1) day to life imprisonment and a fine ranging from Four hundred thousand pesos (P400,000.00) to Five hundred thousand pesos (P500,000.00), if the quantities of dangerous drugs are five (5) grams or more but less than ten (10) grams of opium, morphine, heroin, cocaine or cocaine hydrochloride, marijuana resin or marijuana resin oil, methamphetamine hydrochloride or "shabu", or other dangerous drugs such as, but not limited to, MDMA or "ecstasy", PMA, TMA, LSD, GHB, and those similarly designed or newly introduced drugs and their derivatives, without having any therapeutic value or if the quantity possessed is far beyond therapeutic requirements; or three hundred (300) grams or more but less than five (hundred) 500) grams of marijuana.”

Monday, April 16, 2018

LICF Sexpat Lee Adams Coleman lee

LICF Sexpat Lee Adams Coleman lee - an ugly American.  

Dear friend. You may think the words that follows are written by an middle-easterner opposing Trump' s statements and actions, that no one doubts his profound racism, muslims bashing and general xenophobia he thinks is a threat to his philosophy  "America first"promoting at the same time his pro-semitic agenda. Non.
Or, you may think I  came to revive a blog of a fellow American who was forced to shut it down after receiving life threats daily.

I'm here today for the same reason since 2009, exposing some "special expats" coming to the Philippines that , unfortunately,  according to a former US Ambassador to the PH invade the country in huge numbers, with Americans and their English speaking cousins leading the statistiques.

Read More

Thursday, March 1, 2018

La Renaissance

The living in Cebu forums undergo a major lifting. Yeah? What does it consist of? I havent heard or read anything on CNN, FOX news, MSNBC, NY TIMES, WASHINGTON POST and the like. But I did hear from the horse's mouth some interesting news: OzTony, the Salty Dog and Member#1 are the new commanders in chief of the LICF. 

Let's greet them. 

Fellow forumers, American patriots, members of the LICF La renaissance is now for real! 

Et Alors? So? Now what? The fat lady is singing again? Hummmm I'm afraid not. Are the workers happy and grateful? Some are but most not. Did things really change? Some say enough to be the same. And maybe worse in the near future. What I'm thinking? 

Well, lets get started: 

Back in the middle of last year - 2017- rumors within the "elite"  of the membership indicated that the sale of the forum by Paul Petrea to an undisclosed buyer is now a  done deal. Paul confirmed this later, but no word to whom the buyer might be. Oh well, this is usual in the big business transactions, parties involved should observe the rules of discretion and limited disclosure. 

Take a look what Paul said (You may need to clock on) 

La Renaissance
Posted 29 January 2018 - 04:15 AM
I sold the Living in Cebu Forum website, back in March, 2017. The current owner took over at that time, with me continuing to run the site, per his request. I continued administrative duties until the first of January. La Renaissance 
 However, there now seems to be some misinformation going around regarding the sale, and other information. I will make a post to clear that misinformation up, by the first week of March.
 EDIT: We are focusing our time and energy on the farm, located in rural Battambang Province, Cambodia. 
Edited by Paul, 29 January 2018 - 04:21 AM.
Speculation began as soon as this happened, however, not many had access to the information as to who the new owner might be; all indications were pointed to OzTony an Aussie member of the forum. Personally, I wasn't convinced further than the fact he just played a roll on the transaction, I think I was right, even righter if I tell you that he's now one of the pillars mentioned above but not the owner. 

Let's introduce him as such.

Tony Williams "aka" oztony La Renaissance 

 La Renaissance

Tony Williams "aka" oztony La Renaissance 

Together with Salty Dog He's in charge of distributing banning and warnings. 
To whom? To anyone who has the audacity to go against the culture  he's a nostalgic of, he will zealously continue "the reformes" undertaken recently, completely chasing the infidels, Trolls, liberals, talking too much guys and anyone who doesn't comply. 

Tony has changed the way of cleaning up things. Gone are  Paul's days where the banning was crud, brutal, accompanied with "look at me how tuff I am" kind of statements. Tony will just hide your post if he doesn't like it, you'll not even now it. Another clever way, is tempering with your login password. He will delete it, prompt you to go through the process of getting a new one, but, this will never succeed. That means, you're not banned but you can't post. 
As far as I'm concerned I've never had to go through such effort to be banned! Finally done !
We dont know what Tony has accomplished in his life. if any. Certainly not much, that's why he takes his title of "Global Moderator"so seriously, he can't live without.

    oztonyoztony +Global Mod
  •  29,614
  • 11,320 posts
  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Negros Oriental / Melbourne , Australia

After he and SaltyDog gave a humiliating run around to Tullioz thread about Drew Shoobrook and not before erasing some sins of the past on the subject   and after I hinted to revisit this old topic he approved the thread on another place, as a new one, not linked to the old one, because on the old one we'll read this: 

Let's post it once again. 

Tony Williams "aka" oztony La Renaissance

Tony Williams "aka" oztony La Renaissance 

 La Renaissance

Tony Williams "aka" oztony La Renaissance 

That was back in 2013. Then, the thread was deleted/hidden just last week, then, he approved Tullioz thread. Tony participated with this: (please click on to enlarge it for better reading)

Questions to you Tony: Where were you when Paul Petrea was putting all his power and effort in flying to the help of this trash? 
Where were you when this pedophile Williams Becket "aka" skywalker was bragging his pedophelia exploits in the DK? Have you ever posted the slightest opposition on his membership status? 

Reader, I want you now to take a look on the screenshot below. It comes from OzTony's FB.

La Renaissance

Tony Williams "aka" oztony La Renaissance 

Ken Thurston 'aka" Contraman. Tony's favorite buddy. The nastiest criminal, dirty soul for me. 
Please click to read. 

Here is an excerpt of the link mentioned above: 

 La Renaissance

Tony Williams "aka" oztony La Renaissance 

Sickpat-Sexpat Tony Williams AKA OzTony
Another question for you: Below is a picture of the first thing visitors see on your FB timeline, 
 La Renaissance

Tony Williams "aka" oztony La Renaissance 

Of course Ken Thurston like that. 

But Tullioz, a member of this forum who belongs to the other alley of this board, is a compassionate expat, a writer treating the minorities, like the Muslims and the Bajaos, with respect and dignity. Not all Muslims are ISIS soldiers, not all Bajaos are living of begging, I'd say a small minority, 

Tuillioz irritated quite a few bigots in this forum and you decided to get rid of him in the most unethical and disgusting way; Discredit his good faith and principles. This is a criminal offense, defamation at its finest, 

And youTony Williams an accessory. (If not the instigator) 

Good people, decent expat, the Living In Cebu Forums is not the place to be if you live your life in the PH abiding by the rules and with respect and tolerance to locals, even with their flaws. You're at risk. 

More coming soon. Keep en eye....

To which  Filipinos reply