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LICF the "CELLAR" forum an evil place not to be.

LICF the "CELLAR" forum an evil place not to be.
LICF the "CELLAR" forum an evil place not to be.   

Who are they and what are they doing there? LICF the "CELLAR" forum an evil place not to be.

Decent people keep coming with more information, others work for its destruction and dismantling; Karma is closing in. He will fall!!.....

Let's publish a few names first among the bullies.
Paul Petrea "monsoon" "salty dog" "shadow" "usmc "enuff" "ozpete "bosshog" "jamesmusslewhite" and a few others

All known cyber stars hanging on this forum either, for crooked business, scams, or as a token of good standing in the low life community, act indispensable for gaining respect and trust by this group living in the Philippines. And it works. That's what keep Paul Petrea and its cohorts afloat, by buying advertisement banners or paying "sponsor's" fees for the right to be part of the indecent gang in the hidden forums. 
VIPs, distinguished members! 

Some of them are residents of my hall of fame, for others, I have information but waiting for confirmation that might never come. I'll explain this later. 
Let's get started with a VIP resident on my wall of shame. Tim Potter, "aka" The Norsemen" "aka" USMC, "aka" USMC retired.  

you don't have to take my word for it, let's see what others had to say about Tim Potter.

LICF the "CELLAR" forum an evil place not to be.
This one is coming from the now defunct forum of Matt Wilkie. Tim Potter has some hacking skills, works as a "hacker for hire" (among other criminal activities) targeting unsuspecting victims believing he can do it. The reality is that Tim Potter can only hack sites that did not respect the basic security rules or a crooked ISP provider that he does not offer DOS protection.   
 LICF the "CELLAR" forum an evil place not to be.
Tim Potter was using the screen name of Norseman when he subscribed to an LICB forum nightlife forum belonging to these guys here. Tim Potter, having income only what he's stealing from the US government for a few years served as a Marine could not survive without the extra revenue from crooked business in the Living in Cebu forums.

Another 2 from Matt Wilkie these are excerpts from several emails he sent to me in the past. 

LICF the "CELLAR" forum an evil place not to be.
Matt Wilkie always knew who the "real Paul" is, Matt Wilkie was an active member, still is, never was banned or unsubscribed his membership. As a peddler, crook himself needs his company to keep his reputation up and running. But since "Evan the stalker" put his nose in, communication is now taking place in private.

And this from the same email Matt Wilkie said: 
LICF the "CELLAR" forum an evil place not to be.
Tim Potter is everything else except a harmless. Even now, that left the PH for Texas, can't find a job, with a wife not having any professional skill and him in his 60's now (Go find a job!) still a hyperactive on Paul's forum.

 LICF the "CELLAR" forum an evil place not to be.
Add caption

 LICF the "CELLAR" forum an evil place not to be.
James Musslewhite  No, the guy in the picture is not Him.  Click here to see who is 

Friend, members of the living in Cebu forums, real people going there for a piece of information, an answer to a particular problem regarding your stay in the Philippines, thinking this is a reliable source of information you got it wrong. From day one of its erection was a scam, a nest for crooked business. Take a look below. Year 2006!

Click here and read more of the story. (Links aren't functional, the site was taken down by the Cebu government)  Read about a criminal that at the age of 27, after beating up two Filipina wives back in Georgia fled to the Philippines to further his psychotic behavior towards women. JJ, his first wife in Cebu gives her testimony on this forum. 

LICF the "CELLAR" forum an evil place not to be.
Please click here and read the history of this forum. LICF the "CELLAR" forum an evil place not to be.   

Folks, before the year 2010 when I stepped in there wasn't hidden forum; everything was written in the open, outrageous, careless statements and act exposing even their own wives, members were competing who's coming up with the most humiliating one. Here are a few examples.

 LICF the "CELLAR" forum an evil place not to be.
LICF the "CELLAR" forum an evil place not to be.   

Deeper into the history. Look who's representing the US and the foreigners. (His words)  Someone who hasn't paid a single dollar in taxes, he left the US at the age of 30 collecting disability insurance, thanks to few good men/Samaritans who wrote to the SSA and the disability allowance is gone. Long ago! Ahhhh!!!! the fecking stalkers!!!!!!! 

 LICF the "CELLAR" forum an evil place not to be.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Living in Cebu Forums-Let the banning begin

Living in Cebu Forums-Let the banning begin 

Q. What is this? The cellar?
A. It's (one of) the hidden forum in the living in Cebu Forums where the owner Paul Petrea is conducting his crooked business, including scams and porn, - even though for the latest there are several others. 

Q. Why Paul needs these forums within the main public forum?

A. The creation of secret boards was the result of a fierce war against Paul declared by a group of activists lead by Evan Iliadis. 

Q. Why these activists and Evan wants Paul forums permanently down? 

A. For the sake of respect to our Filipino wives and our mixed complexion children that Paul Petrea and many other members have humiliated over the years with despicable acts and statements, including his (Paul's) wives and children living in the US. 

Q. How Evan and his team collect information on Paul and others collaborating with him? 

A. Take a look at this link and follow the links. 

Q. Has Evan been always accurate in publishing information on Paul Petrea? 
A. Maybe not. With the creation of the hidden forums, Paul has transferred all compromised threads there, making it difficult for my friends to be informed. 

But, being always keen to correct the record based on new information flowing in, I'm here today to put it straight on at least for two "veterans," long time members, high volume posters, are now banned from all forums.        

One is on your left. I thought his banning from all forums is related to the controversial fundraising where all indications point to a scam as we've seen before. It looks like there is more to the story than a simple dispute over the loot. 

Back to the subject, he (Fred) was banned for privately informing the moderator of a hidden forum (The Cellar) about a pedophile being a member, providing him with the necessary information to support his allegation. 

My understanding is that Fred was asking the removal of this guy from the forum; instead, he was the one to be removed for blowing the whistle, regardless it was in a  private and confidential way. 

Big mistake for Fred. He touched the sacred, unwritten rules established by Paul, consisting of "Never discriminate a lowlife, criminal, or a scammer, anyone who belongs to my world, because when this happen, I take it personally, feel threatened,  my survival depending on them." 

What will follow, Fred, puzzles me and probably others; On May 2013  you posted this in a place and time other members were reluctant to participate in the discussion defending the most sarcastic criminal the Cebu Detention Center has ever known. (More on that on another blog at the appropriate time.) 

Here is what you said. (Click on the image to enlarge it)

Paul liked your interest and granted the request, the thread moved to the Cellar, still there ever since. FYI Karma007 wasn't a friend helping Drew Shoobrook aka Bender, aka Frenzy3, but himself (Drew), communicating with the forum from jail. 
At the same time, Paul warned other members with a ban if they post anything discriminatory towards Drew. Take a look. 


In closing, Dear Fred, Reading all that and more, like how close you were to Paul on controversial issues, what would prevent anyone to include you in his inner circles? To label you"guilty by association?" Or may by naivety? 
However, congratulations on your exit from this evil place. I hope you aren't gonna fall into the depression because of Paul's backstabbing, so clear and loud. 
The closer you get to Paul the better the chance to be victimized, materially or psychologically. Ask former members, his ex-girls friends, and wives. 

I have recently noticed, that, another high caliber poster is banned. His name is "Davaoeno."  

I don't know his real name, it doesn't matter to me, I'm not investigating him for anything, neither planning to expose him for any wrong-doing. To the contrary:

Like all high caliber, talented members, high volume posters, I was "stalking" him for many years.

Davaoeno is not a sexpat, is not surviving in the country doing crooked business. Of what I'm reading, he's a real estate developer in Davao and a former Lawyer in Canada.

Going thru his vast number of postings, I was wondering, where such a busy person finds time to actively participate in often trivial, banal and boring conversations? I owned or managed many businesses from the age of 25, small, from 1 to 50 employees, I've never had time for anything else, a quick newspaper reading and a bit of TV in the evening. 

More shocking (but not really surprising) to me, was the fact that he (Davaoeno) expressed his dislike to Paul quite often, I think (not sure) he was banned once before. How could be else? Two completely different profiles, the established, in good standing citizen on one side, the peddler lowlife with a criminal record on the other.

So, why he persisted, "vai que vai" to stay a member? The answer is, for the same reason as many others, good people, are doing the same; Exchange of information about everything concerning their expat status. (More on that in another entry)

Why he was banned? Living in Cebu Forums-Let the banning begin 

Searching the LICF database, it appears that the last post-Davaoeno made (in the public forum at least) was a new thread he started on Nov.2

Posted 02 November 2016 - 11:54 AM 

Traffickers' prey: The young and helpless
Wednesday, November 02, 2016
"HOW many innocent children have suffered and still suffering? How many dreams have shattered because of false promises? How many more young lives will be the next victim of child trafficking? 
The numbers are mounting every day, in this modern slave trade. With the increasing population, in the height of globalization, and post-modern technologies that enable people from across the world to reach out wherever they wish to..."
If interested continue here

Then, he vanished! Banned! Forever! His posting and date of "disappearance" coincide with the date the discussion and oppositions to the presence of pedophiles in Paul's  forums took place in the hidden forums. Is it fair to conclude that he was banned for the same reason as Fred? Probably yes. And if I'm wrong someone will correct me. I'll be waiting....

In closing, I advise you again to flee this evil place before the lawmen get involved. Paul will not suffer the consequences of this intervention, he's not in the PH, you, live there, not a fun situation to be in. 

Sincerely yours
Evan Iliadis Cannes cote d'Azur France 

Living in Cebu Forums-Let the banning begin 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

The fall of a psychopath swindler

Entry updated Monday, January 30th 2017.

Dear Fred and Janice A.K.A the watchman.

This is to inform you the following: 
Every once in a while I receive a personal message coming from members of the Living in Cebu Forums with content varying from insults to compliments, with kind and nasty words, but also providing me with information and things "I should know". All welcomed. No discrimination on Evan's side, I read them and I even reply. 

Lately, I received a few messages regarding the turmoil taking place in the Cellar forum a.k.a hidden forums, precisely about the support a pedophile member is receiving from Paul Petrea. I do have the name and all credentials of the guy but I'll keep it offline while others working on this, hopefully, we'll read something soon in the local press. 

Friends, Paul's support for lowlife and criminals living in the Philippines isn't news to me. Pimps, bar-fine brothel owners, pedophilia, sex-den sites, mentally disturbed and psychopaths expats, even those serving time in jail, like Drew Frederick Shobbrook aka Dean Hoban aka Frenzy3, name them, Paul has always been a supporter, urging the members to visit Drew in Cebu jail and provide all the support they can. 
Yesterday, a reader posted a comment you see at the end of this page, but for your convenience, I'll copy it right below: 

I have been able to contact the poster of this comment for enlightenment and further explanation of his assertion resulting for me in believing the sincerity of his statements. hence my decision to elaborate on the subject. 

So, Fred did not abuse the charity funds,  he spent it as intended, try to save a life that is. Fine. When someone spread doubt on an accusation, the least the accuser should do is granting the benefit of the doubt in his favor; as hard or inconvenient this might be, dare to explain later how the accused reached this wall of shame.  
My answer to this is, "not that hard when you're a close buddy of this psychopath potentially guilty by association for contributing to his survival, either, by financially sponsoring his site, or contributing in fundraising operations from this forum while history has demonstrated more than once what these philanthropic actions were all about.

You have openly and without reservation supported Paul with an unbelievable naivety, or was it for defying my struggle to shut down this evil place? careless for your reputation while you were feeding a monster as many still continue to do it. 

Friends in the Living in Cebu Forums, I strongly advise you to erase any trace identifying you as a member of this forum. Time has come to be investigated and be shot down for good. Because once in the real news, (Not Trump's style alternative facts) Stalker Evan will fuel the controversy to the maxi of his capacity as a personal biographer assigned to this post by your master Paul Petrea. 

Sincerely yours
Evan Iliadis Cannes cote d'Azur France 

It took time and persistence, it paid off, Paul Petrea is living his last days, weeks, or at the most a few more months, financially broke, crippled with health problems (not even 50 an old man already) is looking for a way out.  Here is the latest. The fall of a psychopath swindler

Cambodia hasn't been kind to Paul, thanks to Evan Iliadis  the expat community was warned about the predator from day one of his arrival, before he can setup his modus operandi on scamming expats tested and succeeded in the Philippines. He arrived in Cambodia with stolen money made from a pyramid scheme estimated at US$20K.

The fall of a psychopath swindler
The fall of a psychopath swindler
My estimation at the time, year  2012 when I forced him to flee the Philippines before his arrest from the country's back door to Cambodia, was that with this money he could survive for 3-4 years, a small revenue from Google ads adding a few more months, plus a bunch of peddlers - members of his forum provided him with small cash donations responding to his begging for survival. "Donate or I'll shut down the forum"!  

A few dozen of them kept him alive fearing the closure of the mother of all scams forum in the Philippines leaving the lowlife sexpats in Cebu with no place to show their "smartness" and know all persona. 

Dear sexpats members of the Living in Cebu Forums

Before I bring you a couple of announcements on the latest of your hero I want you to take a look on this: The fall of a psychopath swindler

Paul has always stated that my crusade on him to put him down does not bother him, he doesn't care what I'm writing about him, "He doesn't give a s---ht" life and business continue as usual. 
Oh Yeah? Reading pages and pages on me in the hidden forums and blogs run by a few of his supporters  residents on my wall of shame found very little support  from the members, got sick and tired of his rant, even threatened him to stop it or else. They ordered him my name (Evan Iliadis) be a taboo and never mention it again

He complied with the order but his animal clever instinct ordered him to continue out side the forum, on his other one. There, he can write whatever he likes, no members' censure, there aren't many, even less contributing with piety money for his survival, he can write whatever he wants. And he did.

Living in Cambodia Forums Paul Petrea goes to war with the gay community  The fall of a psychopath swindler

 That's what one thinks reading a post he made on the said forum above. In reality, it was another occasion to have a go, one more, on his personal stalker (me). Look at the screen shot for a preview, Click on to enlarge it
The fall of a psychopath swindler
Paul Perea Living in Cambodia forums  The fall of a psychopath swindle

The rant started when Paul Petrea was looking for someone to hate and blame for his debacle in Cambodia. He found it within the gay community, when he poured rain on their gay pride parade one of them reminded him people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones adding to the reminder where his glass house was, that is a link directing the readers to this site.

I'll let you read the story so I continue with the rest of the news I came here today. The original entry has now being deleted by Paul but his "personal stalker" did once again his job in saving it for you. 

click below and happy reading. 
Michael Camp, keyboard commando. Thanks for encouraging me.

The fall of a psychopath swindler
The fall of a psychopath swindle

Paul Petrea prepares his return to Savannah Georgia.(If not already there) The fall of a psychopath swindler

Fellow readers, last week a friend from Savannah Georgia informed me that Paul is thinking of going back to GA. Not surprised.

Since he fled the US 25 years ago he has only went back once, thanks to Steven Matrix that paid for him the air ticket and provided shelter. He didn't know then the kind of garbage he was, he knows now, no repeat.

No money, no professional skills, in poor health, bad reputation who wants him? No one!
Friends, the clan Petrea in Savannah Georgia is BIG. Everyone in Georgia knows the Petreas so it's difficult to get away from the troubles he left behind, they all hate him, except one, he's willing to give him a place to stay. 
I know who he is, let's keep him out for the moment.

Most of the Petreas in Georgia are citizens in good standing, some are elected in public office in their state and very concerned of his presence around. They know what he's capable doing in his psychotic behavior, they rather avoid him. 
Not clear though he goes for free treatment or to stay for good. My guess is the second. Time will tell. 

Why this decision? The tough cookie "who retired to the Philippines at the age of 30 and enjoy life" (should I have with another big fat fecking Greek laugh), he has never enjoyed life in the SE Asia. 
He was there for the only reason he could satisfy his drinking habit, beating up every single woman came on his way, scamming on dumb sexpats  and go unpunished. Until I stepped on his way.  
You know the rest of the story don't you? 

There is more news for Paul and his forumfall of a psychopath swindler

Remember my warnings on the charity plots and scams? 

I'm talking this one: (Click on the image to enlarge it)
The fall of a psychopath swindler
The fall of a psychopath swindle 
The "watchman" is gone. Too big of a  Philanthropist to fit on the LINC scams. Or the fight for the loot? I'll tell you soon.

The fall of a psychopath swindler
The fall of a psychopath swindle Fred and Janice Maturo 
The fall of a psychopath swindler
The fall of a psychopath swindle It pays BIG for being philanthropist, doesn't it? 
It pays BIG for being philanthropist, doesn't it? 

And this one? 

 The fall of a psychopath swindler
The fall of a psychopath swindle
Remember "bigmook" "aka" Gregory Conaway? He now goes by the screen name of "Enuff"
The fall of a psychopath swindler
The fall of a psychopath swindl
Why this change?
Watchman's  partner in scam but a whole different profile. No Ferraris and "compounds" here. Look at the video below

Enough for today. New data and info coming in soon. 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

James Musslewhite saga on Harry Doyle murder

Dear Sir James Musslewhite from Surigao Philippines James Musslewhite saga on Harry Doyle murder

Dear Sir James Musslewhite from Surigao Philippines
Dear Sr James Musslewhite from Surigao Philippines
flip flops on the murder case. follow the link at the
end of the page and read the real story
It is with a great interest read your riposte on a previous entry about you, right here on this blog, regarding the Harry Doyle murder in Surigao Island in the Philippines where you live, where Harry Doyle was living and where he was killed

Evan Iliadis, a known "stalker" of the living in Cebu forums where he follows the trail of the sexpats, scammers and crooks operating out of the said forum has spotted you there not because (As you stated on your FB wall) you're a member and a former moderator. Not at all.. Imagine if I had to stalk a couple of thousand of members the time I would need.

It was because you authored a very sensitive subject on a place that everyone in a similar situation would avoid like the devil the holy water. I mean any decent people; because decent people don't come to a place owned by a criminal, someone you're helping to generate income through the pages you publish there.

Dear Sir James Musslewhite from Surigao Philippines 

reading your 54 pages of reports, comments and rants still wondering  what your motivations could be to spend so much time and resources on a matter that up until the first 10 -15 pages we thought it was just because this happened in your area. But digging deeper, discovery after discovery inconsistencies and incoherence of your tale surfaced, flip flop in abundance prompting me to question your motivations of putting your self and family at risk.

Dear Sir James Musslewhite from Surigao Philippines
Dear Sir James Musslewhite from Surigao
Philippines statement on the Living in Cebu forums 
If you say, you have never had anything  to do with this murder, never been considered as a suspect, never been interrogated as such, then, why this effort to clear your name? Spending a great amount of time on the forums posting lengthy reports and comments, let alone replying and arguing with the peddlers? 

For technical reasons, I decided the continuation of the story be moved to another site, more features in layout and security. 
Also, because of your choice to hire the Philippines sexpats' mercenary  Matt Wilkie known to always fly to the rescue of Evan's "victims". Expect also his partner Christopher Bennetts to visit your FB wall in an effort to join forces on the "anti-Evan" front 

Please click on the link below  to continue reading the sordid story of 

Harry Doyle murder as reported by JamesMusslewhite from Surigao Philippines  Dear Sir James Musslewhite from Surigao Philippines

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

James Musslewhite Living in Cebu forums.

ood day to the sexpat community of the Living in Cebu Forums, good day to James Musslewhite, a loyal, unconditional supporter of the said forum.

After the publication of the last entry on Paul Petrea, James Musslewhite  send two comments, but for some reason he directed them not to the one he was named but to this one.  
Whatever this reason is and to the contrary of what he may thought, I published them as received and unedited, may be seen by clicking on the second link above. Even better, I thought should take a bit more time replying  with a new post rather than a few lines on the comments square.

To the contrary of the place he chose to fire your bullets i’m honorable enough to publish your comment as received and unedited. Your comment is dated Nov.21 just about the same time your rant on the dirty kitchen where you chose to debate it first, before you come to me. Why is that?

Sir, neither Foreign Legion or US Marine Corp have the monopoly of honor or making good men better. Some times is the opposite. both can be a factory fabricating criminals, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols not being isolated cases, Foreign Legion had its share as well.

 Frankly, as much respect I do have for those who served and still serving I haven’t seen them in the place you chose to spread your ideals and statements on moral issues you publish there, often in the form of a sermon. All I’m reading from the "veterans" is insults to black color skin people, praising psychopaths cops beating up and killing unarmed people, and this, even from the husbands of Filipinas often with same dark skin as those your partners in "the special forums" erected to them spend their day denigrating.  

Are you contributing on that? of course you do! with your own statements? Not necessary, but the effect is the same by being an associate to these peddlers, interacting with them, agreeing with them.Yesterday you were in the dirty kitchen of this forum. The place where the low life, including criminals and psychopaths are fueling the controversy surrounding this community and its owner.

Who are the criminals and psychopaths? Take a look below: Click on to enlarge it)

James Mussle white Living in Cebu forums.
James Musslewhite Living in Cebu forums. A member of the forum known for his cynical views on Filipinos and all colored people advise to Paul Petrea.

And this one:

James Mussle white Living in Cebu forums.
James Musslewhite Living in Cebu forums. Paul Petrea wants his son? Is not his son. His paternal record is less than perfect with his real son living in Texas he abandoned years ago after he almost killed his mother

 Not enough? Go through the entire topic by clicking on the links below:

 How do you like your forumates? Do you really like to flock with them?

Let me ask you this.

You have a FB profile in public view portraying  yourself  as a citizen living in the PH in good standing, having nothing to be ashamed of, I'd say to the contrary, your passion for the nature and ecological activism makes you stand out of the crowd. Let alone the family person you seem to be, hopefully, and have no reason to doubt it, is for real. Now, the question is how well this guy fit in your list of friends with posts like this on his wall?

James Mussle white Living in Cebu forums.
James Musslewhite Living in Cebu forums. The arrogance and racists views of Paul Petrea are in line with the members of the living in Cebu forums.

How do you like it? Proud of your friend?

I want you to read also this; Remember the story about Paul back in the 90s when he almost killed his wife? And there was a baby inside the car? Their son? Just to remind you I'll post a screenshot below.

James Mussle white Living in Cebu forums.
James Musslewhite Living in Cebu forums. This screen shot above is a reminder for James Musselwhite to his friend Paul Petrea.

 Do you know what happened to this baby inside the car? His name is Woody Petrea Take a look first on his statements below. Like father like son isn't it?

James Mussle white Living in Cebu forums.
James Musslewhite Living in Cebu forums. This is Paul Petrea's son bearing the same name as his. A shattered life, to the image of his father, the latest being responsible for this decadence.

 And this one:
James Mussle white Living in Cebu forums.
James Musslewhite Living in Cebu forums.

The best for the last.

James Mussle white Living in Cebu forums.
James Musslewhite Living in Cebu forums.

So James? How do you like Paul advise to his son to save just some of the money for his future, say, spend $500 for weed only and the rest put at the bank..Will you advise your son with the same?

Do you know what happened to the young man days after the statements above? 
Let the Police department tell the story: 

James Mussle white Living in Cebu forums.
James Musslewhite Living in Cebu forums. Here is how the young boy ended up.

It wasn't the first time. He came into brushes with law before. 

Sorry for you Woody. I was reluctant to publish your story with photos but the damages on you was already done. Your father has already put you and your mother on the limelight when he was exactly in your age. For the heck of terrorizing your mother and satisfy his animal instincts, covering up his ferocity pretending it was for the love of you. 

He has now deleted a second FB account he had under the name WOODY PAUL PETREA dissociating this way any relationship with you. Shame on him Woody....  

The psychopath didn't stop here. Before he fled to Cambodia to avoid arrest he took as a hostage an naive girl he has indoctrinated in her the  Stockholm syndrome for years, brought her to Cambodia for a round of humiliation with her son that supposedly he recognized as his but if true is only in the Philippines, and then sent her back to the Philippines to find a job in a bar. She chose instead an honest job in the Middle east.

ack to James Musslewhite FB profile, this writer, Evan Iliadis, has been so far fair to James, there's nothing there showing a sexpat or a low life guy as many of his friends in the living in Cebu forums are, some of them are his friends in the FB.

Unfortunately for James not everyone  knowing him would agree with me. Especially Atty. Zerda defending the widow of Harry Doyle that got killed August 12 2012 in Surigao. Here is what he said:

James Mussle white Living in Cebu forums.
James Musslewhite Living in Cebu forums.

 The atty went on to say this:

James Musslewhite Living in Cebu forums.
James Musslewhite Living in Cebu forums.
And here is James' reply

James Musslewhite Living in Cebu forums.
James Musslewhite Living in Cebu forums.

James Musslewhite Living in Cebu forums.
Since that day, James took the case to the forums, 3 to my knowledge, one is now defunct, he publishes regular updates on the case as it unfolds in the court. He did that from day one for the same reason he published a picture of Evan Iliadis on his FB timeline, because the latest quoted something he said in Paul's forum. 

Afraid it will backfire on his relationship with the peddlers he preferred to anticipate in an effort to cut down the damages. JamesMussle white Living in Cebu forums.

He brought the murder  case he's involved in anticipation of the news will circulate in the press as soon the investigation will start, provided he was considered as a suspect in the past in the same case. Better be ahead of them, right James?

Readers, in the days ahead I will bring you everything you need to make your own decision on this mysterious expat case. Too many holes and gaps in his statements and overall behavior. Too much time and effort on image building on FB and the forums, while his wife goes to the US for work to support the family. And more.... 


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Paul Petrea - Vivians Stockholm syndrome

Members of the Living in Cebu forums enjoy your leader once again. If you missed the previous entry on Vivian Guyingoyon  please click here

After the publishing of the dialog between Vivian and one of her friends on FB chat, Paul call her and said this to her: 
Paul Petrea - Vivians Stockholm syndrome
Paul Petrea - Vivians Stockholm syndrome
 That was the last conversation Manuel had with Vivian; She banned him from her list of friends and reinstated Paul as friend again, after she had banned him a week before on the advise of Manuel. 

Folks, it takes more than a Manuel to cure the Stockholm
syndrome a psychopath planted for good in the mind of his victim. 

No matter how many Manuels will remind Vivian of the humiliations inflicted by Paul Petrea on her, witnessed and described by many, all it takes, is an insult, or a slap strong enough to mark her face with a bruise and she's back. As soon as he treats her a bitch, there come the magic! Paul is back on her friends' list dictating her who'in who's out.

Vivian can no longer live with out her handler. The addiction is deep and irreversible. However she tried.

The photos below were published by Paul in his forum during his hey days when was allowed to post anything he wanted on open forum, no down or upstairs forums then, defying the most elementary rules of decency and respect for the human being. 

 No longer. Ever since the "stalker" started getting interest on him he now brag only on the hidden forums, on his own forum, where only la creme de la creme of peddlers, scammers and pedophiles accompanied him. 
Paul Petrea - Vivians Stockholm syndrome
Paul Petrea - Vivians Stockholm syndrome Pictures published by Paul Petrea in the Living in Cebu Forums

But Vivian has a different view as to how she wants to expose her self in public.
After Paul made everything to shorten her stay in Cambodia, humiliation after humiliation, scolding on her son for the simple reason the kid was getting up to their bed, he finally succeeded. Vivian brought her son to her family in the Philippines and left for Saudi Arabia.

She posted from there on her FB the pictures below. 
Paul Petrea - Vivians Stockholm syndrome
Paul Petrea - Vivians Stockholm syndrome Pictures posted by Vivian at her FB timeline
   To the advisement of Manuel, she posted new pictures again showing a bit of self-esteem, in an effort to reconstruct her life, find a real man and go from there. 

But the psycho won't let her accomplish that. He'll make sure she's emotionally dependent on him, will also make sure she can assure some income for him sending her for work in a bar. As he has done it before, even Vivian denied she has already worked in a bar.  She did.  

Old farts members of the living in Cebu forums I have two messages for you.
Paul Petrea - Vivians Stockholm syndrome

 The first one comes from one of you, old member of this forum, many years resident in the Philippines. He's right on the path of making himself a resident on the wall of shame.

Paul Petrea - Vivians Stockholm syndrome
Paul Petrea - Vivians 

He addressed his fellows peddlers just last night, with a rant that not many understand the motive, except those who have closely studied the behavior of this expat came to the PHilippines in relatively young age with (according to him) a small pension of $680 a month. Here is what he wrote after he look at his mirror"

"Disclaimer: Following rant may contain thoughts or comments which my be found offensive to politically correct liberal touchy-feel types determined to whine and play the consummate victim. JamesMusslewhite says the following in a loving, caring and respectful tone so please do not piss yourselves.

This is because he really does not care what decenters think about his comments on the forums. He actually thinks the forum has become too top-heavy with whinnie-ass little bitches with balls the size of hamsters nutts. Too many are merely keyboard commandos with battleship mouths glued onto tugboat asses.

These argumentative types argue over every petty point of semantics literally sucking the life right out of the forum threads. JamesMusslewhite really thinks some members really need to get real lives or self-reflect in front of a mirror.

He seriously wonders why so many obvious Pinoy-haters on the forum even waste your time living here? Perhaps it is because back in their own home countries everyone considers them to be total losers too, or perhaps it is merely their suffering from rectum-optics as all previous attempts at reinvention have failed.

Marines are taught that 'sympathy' is found in the dictionary between the words 'SHIT' and 'syphilis' neither of which he wants or gives. So please grow up and at least try to act like your parents actually raised you right. Note: the following disclaimer was respectfully satire and humor as is the following rant.
News Flash to the habitual Pinoy-bashing crowd: Not all expats are innocent, some are just despicable detestable types who bring shame on us all. Flush this low-life turd and move on. I hope he does 20 years and then put on a blacklist and permanently kicked the hell out of the country.

That's just my own personal opinion and I am damn well funking deserving of it without taking needless shit-lip from anyone else. Members who do not like it can just stick their head up their own asses and jump until you disappear or dial 1-800-WAA-aaaa and pretend I actually give a rat's ass what others think about my little rant".

Thank you. :biggrin_01:

But according to his statements he made over the years on this forum and the fact that he has supported the owner of this forum doesn't make him any different than those he flock with in the forum.
The second message come from a friend. He has now retired from acting on the wall of shame.

"Harrell" you have been a true friend, a warrior with guts and big balls in chasing low life and criminals in this country, especially Paul Petrea and Matt Wilkie, including their cohorts. Thanks for your time.

Here is what he said on Matt Wilkie forum before Evan Iliadis shot it down.

Paul Petrea - Vivians Stockholm syndrome
Paul Petrea - Vivians 
Stockholm syndrome
 RE: Looking for Paul Petrea In Cebu

"Back in the days of his Yahoo groups, he would love to brag about how he liked to humiliate JJ.

You can trace Paul's activities back to the USA, when he was running websites about Jeeps.
He was reselling Jeep parts back then, I guess the beginnings of his internet scamming.
He then got divorced, and before heading to the Philippines, applied for Social Security disability. Somehow he was granted the disability. But when his ex-wife learned of his scam, she turned him in, and Paul was cut off from his scammed income.

He then started all his internet businesses, Pointman Cebu, that ripped off many people. His tour business, and you can guess what types of tours he promoted.
His old forum got into trouble with the city of Cebu. He had a sub forum that dealt with Cebu's nightlife. Prostitution was promoted, dubious pictures posted, and in general just smut filled. Well someone posted about Paul using the Official Seal of Cebu City, making it appear that his forum was an official Cebu website.
Paul got scared and removed the Seal, and handed over the "nightlife" section to his porno peddling buddy who was a moderator at the time. Paul and this guy soon had a falling out, as with most of his buddies. To this day Paul hates the guy's guts.

What was his downfall was that his passport was stolen and he never bothered to get a new one. He was living in the Philippines without a passport, thus no visa stamps. The day he hit JJ over a lost pool game, JJ turned him in. Of course Paul could not produce a passport or any visas. He was jailed until the embassy issued him a passport, and as he tells it, voluntarily left the Philippines to Australia to hook up with his 2 buddies there.

So you can see Paul has been a scammer and con-man all his life, and has told more lies than anyone I can think of.

I have much more info on all of his buddies, many of them smut peddlers, drunks, pedos, sexpats, and assorted other trash.

The reason I hate these types, as I live in the Philippines, and believe me, that these guys portray a bad image for all of us.
Making a stand and exposing them is what is needed, and it shows that good people will not tolerate foreigners who come to the Philippines to degrade the country and it's people."

More, much more to come.........
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