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Paul Petrea - Vivians Stockholm syndrome

Members of the Living in Cebu forums enjoy your leader once again. If you missed the previous entry on Vivian Guyingoyon  please click here

After the publishing of the dialog between Vivian and one of her friends on FB chat, Paul call her and said this to her: 
Paul Petrea - Vivians Stockholm syndrome
Paul Petrea - Vivians Stockholm syndrome
 That was the last conversation Manuel had with Vivian; She banned him from her list of friends and reinstated Paul as friend again, after she had banned him a week before on the advise of Manuel. 

Folks, it takes more than a Manuel to cure the Stockholm
syndrome a psychopath planted for good in the mind of his victim. 

No matter how many Manuels will remind Vivian of the humiliations inflicted by Paul Petrea on her, witnessed and described by many, all it takes, is an insult, or a slap strong enough to mark her face with a bruise and she's back. As soon as he treats her a bitch, there come the magic! Paul is back on her friends' list dictating her who'in who's out.

Vivian can no longer live with out her handler. The addiction is deep and irreversible. However she tried.

The photos below were published by Paul in his forum during his hey days when was allowed to post anything he wanted on open forum, no down or upstairs forums then, defying the most elementary rules of decency and respect for the human being. 

 No longer. Ever since the "stalker" started getting interest on him he now brag only on the hidden forums, on his own forum, where only la creme de la creme of peddlers, scammers and pedophiles accompanied him. 
Paul Petrea - Vivians Stockholm syndrome
Paul Petrea - Vivians Stockholm syndrome Pictures published by Paul Petrea in 
the Living in Cebu Forums

But Vivian has a different view as to how she wants to expose her self in public.
After Paul made everything to shorten her stay in Cambodia, humiliation after humiliation, scolding on her son for the simple reason the kid was getting up to their bed, he finally succeeded. Vivian brought her son to her family in the Philippines and left for Saudi Arabia.

She posted from there on her FB the pictures below. 
Paul Petrea - Vivians Stockholm syndrome
Paul Petrea - Vivians Stockholm syndrome Pictures posted by Vivian at her FB timeline
   To the advisement of Manuel, she posted new pictures again showing a bit of self-esteem, in an effort to reconstruct her life, find a real man and go from there. 

But the psycho won't let her accomplish that. He'll make sure she's emotionally dependent on him, will also make sure she can assure some income for him sending her for work in a bar. As he has done it before, even Vivian denied she has already worked in a bar.  She did.  

Old farts members of the living in Cebu forums I have two messages for you.
Paul Petrea - Vivians Stockholm syndrome

 The first one comes from one of you, old member of this forum, many years resident in the Philippines. He's right on the path of making himself a resident on the wall of shame.

Paul Petrea - Vivians Stockholm syndrome
Paul Petrea - Vivians 

He addressed his fellows peddlers just last night, with a rant that not many understand the motive, except those who have closely studied the behavior of this expat came to the PHilippines in relatively young age with (according to him) a small pension of $680 a month. Here is what he wrote after he look at his mirror"

"Disclaimer: Following rant may contain thoughts or comments which my be found offensive to politically correct liberal touchy-feel types determined to whine and play the consummate victim. JamesMusslewhite says the following in a loving, caring and respectful tone so please do not piss yourselves.

This is because he really does not care what decenters think about his comments on the forums. He actually thinks the forum has become too top-heavy with whinnie-ass little bitches with balls the size of hamsters nutts. Too many are merely keyboard commandos with battleship mouths glued onto tugboat asses.

These argumentative types argue over every petty point of semantics literally sucking the life right out of the forum threads. JamesMusslewhite really thinks some members really need to get real lives or self-reflect in front of a mirror.

He seriously wonders why so many obvious Pinoy-haters on the forum even waste your time living here? Perhaps it is because back in their own home countries everyone considers them to be total losers too, or perhaps it is merely their suffering from rectum-optics as all previous attempts at reinvention have failed.

Marines are taught that 'sympathy' is found in the dictionary between the words 'SHIT' and 'syphilis' neither of which he wants or gives. So please grow up and at least try to act like your parents actually raised you right. Note: the following disclaimer was respectfully submitted.as satire and humor as is the following rant.
News Flash to the habitual Pinoy-bashing crowd: Not all expats are innocent, some are just despicable detestable types who bring shame on us all. Flush this low-life turd and move on. I hope he does 20 years and then put on a blacklist and permanently kicked the hell out of the country.

That's just my own personal opinion and I am damn well funking deserving of it without taking needless shit-lip from anyone else. Members who do not like it can just stick their head up their own asses and jump until you disappear or dial 1-800-WAA-aaaa and pretend I actually give a rat's ass what others think about my little rant".

Thank you. :biggrin_01:

But according to his statements he made over the years on this forum and the fact that he has supported the owner of this forum doesn't make him any different than those he flock with in the forum.
The second message come from a friend. He has now retired from acting on the wall of shame.

"Harrell" you have been a true friend, a warrior with guts and big balls in chasing low life and criminals in this country, especially Paul Petrea and Matt Wilkie, including their cohorts. Thanks for your time.

Here is what he said on Matt Wilkie forum before Evan Iliadis shot it down.

Paul Petrea - Vivians Stockholm syndrome
Paul Petrea - Vivians 
Stockholm syndrome
 RE: Looking for Paul Petrea In Cebu

"Back in the days of his Yahoo groups, he would love to brag about how he liked to humiliate JJ.

You can trace Paul's activities back to the USA, when he was running websites about Jeeps.
He was reselling Jeep parts back then, I guess the beginnings of his internet scamming.
He then got divorced, and before heading to the Philippines, applied for Social Security disability. Somehow he was granted the disability. But when his ex-wife learned of his scam, she turned him in, and Paul was cut off from his scammed income.

He then started all his internet businesses, Pointman Cebu, that ripped off many people. His tour business, and you can guess what types of tours he promoted.
His old forum got into trouble with the city of Cebu. He had a sub forum that dealt with Cebu's nightlife. Prostitution was promoted, dubious pictures posted, and in general just smut filled. Well someone posted about Paul using the Official Seal of Cebu City, making it appear that his forum was an official Cebu website.
Paul got scared and removed the Seal, and handed over the "nightlife" section to his porno peddling buddy who was a moderator at the time. Paul and this guy soon had a falling out, as with most of his buddies. To this day Paul hates the guy's guts.

What was his downfall was that his passport was stolen and he never bothered to get a new one. He was living in the Philippines without a passport, thus no visa stamps. The day he hit JJ over a lost pool game, JJ turned him in. Of course Paul could not produce a passport or any visas. He was jailed until the embassy issued him a passport, and as he tells it, voluntarily left the Philippines to Australia to hook up with his 2 buddies there.

So you can see Paul has been a scammer and con-man all his life, and has told more lies than anyone I can think of.

I have much more info on all of his buddies, many of them smut peddlers, drunks, pedos, sexpats, and assorted other trash.

The reason I hate these types, as I live in the Philippines, and believe me, that these guys portray a bad image for all of us.
Making a stand and exposing them is what is needed, and it shows that good people will not tolerate foreigners who come to the Philippines to degrade the country and it's people."

More, much more to come.........
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