Friday, November 7, 2014

Paul Petrea Lying again.

From the Living in Cebu forums today, a thread started by Paul Petrea. 
Paul Petrea Lying again.
Paul Petrea Lying again.

Bob sent me a PM today. Paul Petrea Lying again.

Posted Today, 1:50 PM

Apparently, Bob and some people in the DK thought (still think) that Matrix has hired me to work for him. He hasn't hired me for anything.

"I am going there to look after a house, farm, and winery for a guy I feel is a friend, whom I originally met in Cebu. If you really knew me, you would know I would do the same for quite a number of people whom I know". 

Yeah? When was the last time you told the truth to your friends? Tell us the kind of scam you're preparing this time... 
Your story doesn't hold the water. It's the same like the one you told us 2 years ago while crossing the Mindanao back door fleeing the Philippines as a wanted criminal. You told us then, you're going to the US to visit a dying friend and you'll be back in a month. We're still waiting. 

Then, days later I found you in Thailand. I called you on your cellphone. You were so feking drunk, you didn't even realise you were talking to someone you don't know. It was the first time I was talking to you, horrified of your confusion and total denial of your actions. 

Big fella, make no mistake, I follow you closely. You can tell your BS to Smokey, Broden and the like, but not me and many, many others in your own forum. 

If you're planning to scam the SSA reviving your disability scam you lived in the first years in the Philippines they have been already warned. 

That's not the only reason you go to the US. You're eyeing the Philippines again. You'll find me on your way, together with anyone who tries to help you. 

Paul goes on with this:

"I am retired and plan on staying that way, if it is anyone else's business. I don't need to work for anyone. So, let me educate all concerned, here.

Steve contacted me about posting an ad where he would swap homes for 3 months with someone in Cebu. He would stay in their home, and them in his during that same time. I okayed the ad.

He got no takers.

I sent Matrix a PM, asking him if he were to do this next year, and still did not have someone to do it, that I would be happy to stay there while he and his family were away. He mentioned that he was going to pay a local teenager $1,000 USD to drop by the house daily during this time to feed the animals, look after the place, and leave. Here is the text from the ad. The ad is also now in this forum."


(this ad approved by Paul)
I'm looking for a house-sitter for my Oregon home from about November 26th to March 2nd.  We will be traveling and staying in Cebu during this time.
The house sits on a 70-acre working vineyard, however not much activity goes on during the winter months.  It's a beautiful property which is a short drive about five miles south of the town of Monmouth.  It has a barn, workshop and two ponds with miles of awesome views of the Coastal Range.  The home is large with multiple bedrooms, gourmet kitchen, home gym, satellite TV on a 70-inch plasma, and wireless microwave internet.  You will also have access to my vehicles should you need to run to town for something, however, the deep freezer is full of a high quality meat from recent cow and hog slaughter.  There will also be plenty of fresh eggs and raw honey.  Your only responsibility will be to feed the dogs and assure the chickens has feed and (unfrozen) fresh water, and of course, watch over the house.  I want to compensate about $1000 for the three months of house sitting.
OR, I would be very interested in doing a house-swap.  For the three months, my family would live in your Cebu home and you'll live in my home.  Not looking for anything fancy, but should be clean and livable to somewhat western standards.
If interested in either a home-swap or house-sitting, please send me a private message.

I let him know that, if he needed someone next year, I would be happy to oblige him. He replied asking me if I were available this year.

Long story short, I couldn't do it this year because I didn't have the extra funds available for plane fare. He asked that, since he was willing to pay someone anyway, would I come if he just bought my plane ticket. I responded that I would. He purchased the ticket and I agreed to fly over and look after his house.

Now, if anyone else wants to discuss it, rather than spreading bullshit, send me a PM and I will let you know the particulars, if you really feel it is any of your business.

A few of you must really live boring lives to have to create shit about mine. I'm beginning to think those few are no better than our ol' Evan.

Edited by Paul , Today, 1:54 PM.

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  1. I find it interesting that I am purposely being a target of libel when my comments posted on this page has purposely be misrepresented. The comments you copied and pasted are from the following forum post.
    Which is a post about a 53 year old American who was arrested in a drug-buy operation. I had actually received argumentative post because according to the article he had been arrested in a legitimate operation conducted by the PNP. The post which you selectively copied and pasted and purposely misrepresented is from post # 19 and this is the actual unedited disclaimer in full.
    "Disclaimer: Following rant may contain thoughts or comments which my be found offensive to politically correct liberal touchy-feel types determined to whine and play the consummate victim. JamesMusslewhite says the following in a loving, caring and respectful tone so please do not piss yourselves.This is because he really does not care what decenters think about his comments on the forums. He actually thinks the forum has become too top-heavy with whinnie-ass little bitches with balls the size of hamsters nutts. Too many are merely keyboard commandos with battleship mouths glued onto tugboat asses. These argumentative types argue over every petty point of semantics literally sucking the life right out of the forum threads. JamesMusslewhite really thinks some members really need to get real lives or self-reflect in front of a mirror. He seriously wonders why so many obvious Pinoy-haters on the forum even waste your time living here? Perhaps it is because back in their own home countries everyone considers them to be total losers too, or perhaps it is merely their suffering from rectum-optics as all previous attempts at reinvention have failed. Marines are taught that 'sympathy' is found in the dictionary between the words 'SHIT' and 'syphilis' neither of which he wants or gives. So please grow up and at least try to act like your parents actually raised you right. Note: the following disclaimer was respectfully satire and humor as is the following rant.
    News Flash to the habitual Pinoy-bashing crowd: Not all expats are innocent, some are just despicable detestable types who bring shame on us all. Flush this low-life turd and move on. I hope he does 20 years and then put on a blacklist and permanently kicked the hell out of the country. That's just my own personal opinion and I am damn well funking deserving of it without taking needless shit-lip from anyone else. Members who do not like it can just stick their head up their own asses and jump until you disappear or dial 1-800-WAA-aaaa and pretend I actually give a rat's ass what others think about my little rant. Thank you. :biggrin_01:"
    I am a simple family man working on our small farm with my wife and who stays to himself, does drink, cheat on my wife of 28 years nor womanize or exploit locals I have definitely not done one single thing deserving being put on your so called Wall of Same. Where is your honor Evan?

  2. I am a retired horticulturist who teaches organics and square foot/square meter gardening to the locals. I maintain a multi-language Facebook page "'' which has almost 13,000 mostly Pinoy members. I do not drink, party, cheat on my wife or flirt with other women. In fact you have copied and pasted another one of my post comments alos from the same site I linked above and are now using it for one of your banners.
    "Many Expats come to the Philippines and are at peace and harmony with themselves and the Filipino Community. Others,most ole farts,come here to visit or live and give those a bad name.They do this by taking advantage of the economical situation to lure young girls a third of their age and weight,being brutal, abusive to her,drunkards,pedophiles,mentally disturbed,criminals, pimps heavily involved in prostitution and other criminal activities."

    I have done nothing to be on your ''Wall of Shame'' but what you have done seriously brings into question your own character, I trained with French Legionnaires in Beirut 1983 and found them to be honorable. 'Honorable' is a title one earns by deeds rather than merely by idle boast. I have never done anything here in the Philippines to be dishonorable nor anything deserving to be on your page. If you say otherwise than you are a damn liar, fraud and undeserving of any respect.

    Keep me on the Wall and you are dishonorable, Do so while deleting my posted comment here and you are a despicable coward. Do what is right and remove that liable comment from the Wall and you can then remove my comment here with your honor in tact and I can accept this incident as merely a simple mistake which you correctly removed. Either way the test is yours to prove not mine. I am blameless and do not deserve to be judged by you. Do what is right Evan and prove that you are in fact a man of honor or to Hell with you. .

    1. As you can see your comments made it to the blog. Will not be removed, neither the entry. No chicken play here. Read more about your comments here.