Saturday, January 25, 2014

Paul Petrea & Sexpat "Whippy" aka "Udonthani"

Paul Petrea & Sexpat "Whippy" aka "Udonthani"

 Paul Petrea & Sexpat "Whippy" aka "Udonthani"

Paul Petrea & Sexpat "Whippy" aka "Udonthani" 

For those familiar with Paul Petrea's LIVING IN CEBU FORUMS, shall notice some changes are taking place for a while now in the way he manages the stable. 

 These changes are in line with what I was expecting, contributing to the fall of a psychopath struggling to survive on the only asset he always had, that is a group of peddler living in Cebu. 

Members defected by hundreds, same for topics and postings, deleted or  moved to hidden areas, to be left with only a few "regulars" that made the forum their way of living, psychologically unfit for real activities with real people. 

The Philippines, no matter what they say, have never been their home, most of them hate to be stacked in there, they'll give everything to go back to their country. But they have nothing, in their age not even good for work at Mcdo.  

Don't be impressed by the membership numbers as shown on the forum stats, they are all fake. Paul is creating profiles to up the numbers artificially, he logs in with to show high daily members' participation, many of the members do the same, I know at least 5 having 12 different profiles each, but looking at the posts 90% are coming from the same people, about 50 members.

Some of these active members, if banned from the forum will commit suicide, life for them would have no meaning outside the forum, they have no one to unfold their thoughts, often cruel, perverted, making Whippy look innocent in comparison.

Whippy isn't one of them. As a self admitted sexpat, an old amongst older residents in the sexpat community has always claimed his real reason for living in Cebu, his touch of honesty had entertained many in the forum, make him likable to the majority of the members and of course  Paul Petrea's personal friend.    

To my stupefaction, I noticed Whippy has been banned by Paul a few days ago for posting this: 

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Posted 05 January 2014 - 02:24 PM (Whippy's post)
I forgot to mention the need to keep some spare foxholes among the main overnight bases. You can have a long interviewee in a nightly room you may have paid 700 for, but then go outside and do a short 3 hour interview in the afternoon in a hotel round the corner while the long interviewee is doing the laundry in the room or something. Sometimes you can even have a long and a short interviewee in the same hotel at the same time, but this takes nerve and if you are going to do this, make sure the two rooms are on different floors.

Paul said: After whippy posted this, I banned him. I then replied in the thread, the following statements:
Paul, on 05 Jan 2014 - 07:16 AM, said:
I gave whippy fair warning (late last year) to stop posting about his "sexual escapades" upstairs. It was ONLY a verbal warning as well.

He did not listen, and is now banned from this site.

Just so the members here know, Whippy is a personal friend of mine. But, I am sick of reading about screwing Filipinas on this site, with no care in the world for them as people. These women are not a way to outsource masturbation. They are human beings - as men are, or should be! On this site, will be treated as such.

I am done with warnings. I am done with asking. I am done with begging the members to stay on an even keel on this site. From now on, no more warnings. If you end up  banned, I am quite sure you will know why it happened. You can bet your ass I am not going to waste my time sending you a communication to explain it to you. I have better things to do with my time.

I hope everyone here understands my view on this matter.

Now, carry on.

Wow! Paul got angry? No folks. He likes whippy so much and it takes more than a statement like that to ban him, but some got tired of Whippy putting the mirror on their face so often, didn't like what they were seeing and ordered his execution. That helps also Paul in remaking his image as a straight forward good doer and respectfull to human being. True? Ask Vivian! 

Now Paul Petrea said that?

"Just so the members here know, Whippy is a personal friend of mine. But, I am sick of reading about screwing Filipinas on this site, with no care in the world for them as people. These women are not a way to outsource masturbation. They are human beings - as men are, or should be! On this site, will be treated as such."  

Who's talking?  A psychopath that has beaten up every single  woman came into his life, leaving her with bruises and psychological scares, even paying barfine to the pimps to get the girl out not for sex, (he's impotent) but for beating and humiliation. 
One that posted pictures on his forum showing the sex of his minor girlfriend shaved, making the girl the laughing stock on the forum and being applauded for that by his regular forumers. Click this one also

The guy that has scammed all of "his regulars" in the forum thousands of dollars and fled to Cambodia living on this money, his forum there didn't bring a single dollar of income, the other one, Sihanoukville Forum, htries "to rebuild" didn't make him a hero, they all know the specie, very few interacts with him. 

Could go on an on with the psycho, but better conclude. I have two messages. One for Whippy one for Paul:

Goodbye Whippy, many will miss you in the forum, they all know you were the best fit, the most representative of the members of the sexpat forum that now has no value. Living in Cebu forums' hey days were built on outraged statements, scams, criminal actions, rants on Filipinos and their country, not only from Paul but from many others. Remove that and is all gone. Killed! 

Paul can't change the direction of a forum specialized on sexpat information and behavior to "where we can find a good meat in Cebu"  or "if someone knows a good painter" Not many cares. What they care most, is where we can find the cheapest pussy, short time hotelscheapest JD scotch, hottest GRO in town. Ask Perry Gamsby and that's what you get, (see secreenshot below)  

Of course, these subjects are discussed down stairs, but newbies are not invited, egomaniacs not interested because they can't get "likes" and "thanks" viewed by all. 

Paul Petrea & Sexpat "Whippy" aka "Udonthani"

Paul Petrea & Sexpat "Whippy" aka "Udonthani" 

Paul, I have news for you: Remember that you have a son living back in the States? That kid that watched his Mom almost killed in your hands? Maybe not. Let me post it one more time to refresh your memory: 

Paul Petrea & Sexpat "Whippy" aka "Udonthani"
Paul Petrea and associates. The shame of the expat community in the Philippines.:
 Paul Petrea & Sexpat "Whippy" aka "Udonthani" 

At the time, you were 25, your son was only a year baby. Your son is now 23. Do you know where is he? Have you heard all these years about the kid? I doubt. Look where is he. There's also a picture of him. No, I won't publish it. Go see it yourself. 

Paul Petrea & Sexpat "Whippy" aka "Udonthani"
Paul Petrea & Sexpat "Whippy" aka "Udonthani"

Happy? For walking on your footsteps? Proud? Any remorse or responsibility for his actions? 


  1. I do not know if all the dirt posted about Paul Petrea is all true or not, but personally I know Paul to be a big B. S. person. I have observed his heavy handedness in the true sense of the word directed at a Filipina and from what I have heard ,she may not be the only one. I recently was told by someone that Paul got involved with a girl under the age of 15 from Colon and was confronted by police after the girls parents decided for what ever reason to get the cops after Paul, be it monetary of outrage their daughter was involved with 2 legged elephant. This was told to me by an expat who is married to a Filipina who's brother was one of the cops involved in the case. Paul supposedly had to pay some money to get out of town to his present destination in Cambodia. Kind of bewildering why fat boy has not been back to Cebu? Than again, in Cambodia young girls are readily assessable,quite unfortunately!

  2. Make no mistake friend. He'll do this fatal mistake all psychopaths do, no matter where he lives.
    H e will fall sooner or later. Meanwhile, shame on the members of the living in Cebu forums that support the animal. I can assure you, every single line of the dirt as you call it youre reading is documented, is true.

  3. Anyone have accurate info on the last time Paul was back in Cebu? By the way, I like the other posters description of Paul as a two legged elephant

  4. I personally doubt Paul came back to Cebu since he left. Unless willing to commit suicide.