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Paul Petrea “aka” Woody Paul Petrea  born June 26 1966 in the state of Georgia USA 

Fellow readers and supporters, to be honest, this entry goes against my desire to make it public that soon, feeling is a little incomplete for prime time. But I feel the pressure from many supporters to publish what ever I have in hand while others work in the background finalizing the stories and action to be taken.When I first publish saved documents regarding Paul violent behavior I came across critics (His friends of course) that accused me of unearthing an already buried old story.

Old? It was only in 2005! Now I am going to bring you back to 1992! Where a carrier psychopath almost killed his then estranged wife Teresa Petrea and their son. He was 25.

Please, find below the first sources of the story including Press articles and links. First a screen shot of the Savannah news paper THE LOCAL Savannah Morning News • Thursday, January 30,1992The only archived record found on the web is in PDF format that may or may not be legible enough, depending of the quality of your screen and resolution you are using. That’s why I will go the extra mile to put the content of the screenshot in real text so you can read the story easy.Let’s get started.

"Paul Petrea was arrested for almost killing his estranged wife, the baby could have been killed as well.

"Tybee Man Drives 10 Miles With Wife Clinging to Car By TOM HOSE
A Tybee Island man drove his car early 10 mites with his wife dinging to the car’s luggage rack after he drove off with the couple’s child, authorities said. 

Woody Paul Petrea, 25, was arrested Monday near Fort Ogtethorpe in north Georgia. Authorities said he drove with his estranged wife, Teresa Petrea, hanging on to the top of the trunk of the vehicle. “I don’t know how she managed to hang on,” Catoosa County Sheriff Phil Summers said Wednesday “Motorists said he was swerving, trying to sling her off the back at 90 mph If he had, we would have working a death. Luckily she managed to hang on.” In a telephone interview Wednesday night, 

Petrea said he never drove faster than the speed limit and that he had stopped the car four times to ask his wife to get off the car He also said the incident covered lass than 10 miles.”I knew that she  wasn’t going to fall off because I wasn’t speeding;’ he said, explaining that his wife was able to stand on the car’s rear bumper white holding on to the rack. 

“I did not threaten her and I did not hurt her in any way, shape or form.” The incident began at a motel in a Chattanooga, Tenn., suburb where the couple had agreed to meet At the motel, Petrea took his 15-month-old son, got into his car with him and started off, authorities said.”She dove onto the back of the car and grabbed onto the luggage rack anticipating that he would stop the car,

” Instead, Petrea headed out to Interstate 75, where he got in the southbound lanes and crated into Georgia. Several motorists noticed the woman hanging from the car, and a driver of a pickup puled up alongside  the car. Petrea swerved and struck the pickup truck, authority said. Petrea said Wednesday that the pickup swerved Into his car. Summers said that after the accident, Petrea got off the Interstate and went west on highway toward Port Ogle A Catoosa county deputy passed the"....Continue page 2C on the left

vehicle, and when he noticed the woman hanging from the car, he turned around behind the car and tried to pull it over. Two miles later
Petrea pulled over, Summers said. My hands were so cold, but I knew that if I let go I’d die/’ Mrs. Petrea said. “I Just knew I couldn’t
let him get away with my baby.” “I realized that I was in the wrong, but there are some things I’m not guilty of,” Petrea said.
Petrea said his wife took the child without his permission on Jan. 5 and that be had not seen or beard from ton until last week.
“All I wanted was to have my son for two weeks,” he said. Petrea, the brother of Thunderbolt Mayor James Petrea, was charged with reckless conduct, leaving
the scene of an accident and several traffic violation He was re leased on a $6,000 bond.

Paul Petrea jumped bail and fled the US to the Philippines.  


  1. Hard to beleive. What's the old saying, "Kettle pot black"

    Petrea wanting tothreaten someone for molesting young girls when he had to leave the PI for doing the same

    1. From Evan. Yes, hard to believe but usual behavior of a psychopath in total denial of the harm he has done. Living by pretending nothing has ever happened. The latest, he now puts this child as an avatar to show compassion and love for children. Usual behavior of a pedophile baiting his victims with candy's and ice cream cones. Paul Petrea is still alive, so am I.

      The living in Cebu forums had severe setback since the birth of my blogs but the job is not done. I'll make sure The Living in Cebu forum will dye, what ever it takes.

  2. I’d like to confirm that the 1992 story above is true. I knew him and his son who was in the vehicle, and his wife, the one who clung to the back of the vehicle. She’s my step sister. I was 13 when that happened. Woody Paul Petrea was a creepy dude, I remember him grabbing on me and one of my other step sisters in a hotel pool while his wife was pregnant. I was 11 then. But at that time that behavior was just accepted. I thought about him for some reason tonight and googled his name and found out he died of cancer in Cambodia. Commenting here because I saw on some expat forum that folks didn’t believe the story. Not joining that to comment but wanted to put it out there that the story is true and he was totally a perv 100%.

    1. Thank you for your late comment, I feel sorry for the psychological chock you endured from a now defunct psychopath. As you may noticed the blog hasn't been updated in a long time. No need. Promise kept, he's burning in hell. Paul Petrea engaged in a showdown with an old Foreign Legion paratrooper as I used to be, it was fatal he should lose. He did. His was spreading lies about me that were way out shaded by the truths I was spreading about him and many of his criminal members of his forum that were kept him afloat financially with dirty money coming from criminal activities in the Philippines. Go on with your life, He's history, will never harm a kid again, even though I suspect that some similar activity is taking place in the secret forum within the public forum, managed by another lowlife going by the nick name Salty dog, real name Don Pack, close, very close Paul's lieutenant that he now owns the forum. If you don't mind, send me a private mail at with some feedback about his daughter Samantha, and son Woody junior. Thank you.