Saturday, August 25, 2012

Paul Petrea now a fugitive hiding in Cambodia.

Paul Petrea now a fugitive hiding in Cambodia.
A team of decent expats living in the Philippines has enough with the way some of them are behaving dragging the entire community to shame, putting the locals against them, forcing the law makers to review their policies in issuing visas. Others, living abroad with their Filipino wives feel the same, disappointed and sad to see the country they avoidably have ties with be portrayed as a refuge to fugitives, low life, mentally disturbed sex tourists that is one of the few countries remaining accepting them with easy indefinite stay. One of them is Paul Petrea owner of the living in in Cebu forum, living in Cebu since year 2000, when he abandoned his Filipina wife and his son in the US where he was living.

He’s violent, choosing women only for slapping and humiliating them creating an image for others  to keep their mouth shot for fear of reprisal and vengeance. He will often make statements for the purpose of intimidation to his potential critiques hoping to silence them before expressing any opinion on him. but is all mirror and smoke. He has zero guts, a real chicken when it comes to a confrontation man to man, the heavy fat body he cares is nothing but a paper mass, will collapse to the slightest defense  from a healthy person regardless of his age, his strength being destroyed from years of alcohol and drugs abuse. Besides, he scrupulously  avoids a visit to the prosecutor’s office under any reason, even as a witness, knowing what awaits him, because those protecting him and sheltering  in the country  won’t come to his defense; The bribees, who ever they are, will take their distance.

Paul Petrea now a fugitive hiding in Cambodia.
You, decent and law abiding people living in Cebu or anywhere in the world and know him, don’t be afraid of him, expose this criminal,  petition the Bureau of Immigration in Cebu for an investigation on his immigration status, his money lending business, his means of survival in the country. Inform the BIR on his “professional” activities, talk in your favorites groups and forums you are a member,warn others to stay away from this guy.Never accept any proposal for a get rich deal  he may offer you. Is,for sure, a scam!

In effect, he has no professional skills in earning legal money. The first years of his stay here, he was living on a meager SS disability pension, barely covering his drinking  habits but the US government stopped financing Paul’s Jack Daniels  expenses with tax payers money. Ever since, he’s living on crooked business, including providing girls to the bikini bars, money lending and laundering, to name a couple. Despite the many complains he has on his ass, he successfully managed to stay in Cebu free and undisturbed, protected by pimps and a few corrupted officials. His friends, are celebrities in the cyber space, Pimpspedophilesperverted pornographers mentally retarded and many others. As we all noticed, with the latest sentencing of two Swedes in Cagayan De Oro to life in prison, a clear and loud message was sent to the sexpat community that things are about to change. Let’s hope Paul Petrea’s immigration status and a closer look at his red districts business will take place soon. He can run but he can’t hide forever. His turn will come sooner or later.
"My girlfriend is a virgin, until this very minute. We moved in together about three weeks ago. There is a 26 year age difference between us. I am 44, she is 18".

Paul Petrea now a fugitive hiding in Cambodia.
 He likes to portray himself as Don Juan kind of lover where in reality is just a cuckold, a looser, a show-off womanizer.Again folks, is smoke and mirror. The reality is he’s an impotent and easy to see it. No woman can get pleasure having a fat, Jack Daniels smelly body on hers that is slim and sexy. No man can perform satisfactorily being drunk as Paul is day in day out. Look at the picture on the left. Do you recognize the “fatal lover” on this profile? As for the young poor girl, she’s nothing else than a toy to Paul’s image building for the purpose to maintain his status in the sexpat community, a must to survive in the PH. Eventually, the girl will end  up in a bar even though according to him, was a virgin girl when he met her.Of course, that perfectly fits to an impotent guy’s taste, a virgin girl doesn’t have experience, hasn’t felt real sex, what ever she gets between her legs is always good. Until Dean or Don show up, and she’s gone!

Folks, come in the open and tell your story, tell us what you know, what you heard, what you witnessed about this scumbag. Anonymous or eponymous, doesn’t matter. How about a little laugh? Look at his facebook page. Christian and member of the GOP? He has never vote in the US, he hasn’t visited the country since left in the 90′s, not even when deported, he chose to be out to Australia instead, (Why is that?)  

And to finish in a laughable note take a look on the picture below, from Paul's FB. He has never voted in his life, he's a fugitive from the state of GA also for more than 20 years now, the GOP will be ashamed to have him on its registers, so will be any church in the world.

Paul Petrea now a fugitive hiding in Cambodia.


  1. Looks like Paul has found Matt's blog. Gotta side with Paul on this. Matt is a low life little snitch bitch, that posts mostly lies or stolen contents. Matt's recent "investigation" concerning Chris Bennetts was such nonsense. Yes, Matt, asking the alleged perp, if he is guilty or not , will surely get you the right answer. If only you really knew the actions of Chris Bennetts, but I guess he is now one more of your porn peddling buddies. Seems you have made some real friends among the dregs of Cebu.
    Matt, keep posting your lies and "investigations", along with all your fake posters on your lame forum, so that you can reply to someone, as every decent person has now seen you for what you have always been "TropicalWaste". What a LOSER. Also about making fake Facebook pages, aren't you guilty of that crime also. As far as I know posting as someone else is identity theft, and can bring some sticky legal action and possibly some criminal charges. But we know that Matt thinks he is above the law and can snitch on others, yet do the same things and feel he is immune.
    Free speech for Matt and his buddies, but deny it for anyone that speak the truth about them. Trust me Matt, people are watching you very close right now, and you can delete blog posts, but they are saved for when the time comes.
    Matt, I relish the day Paul returns to the Philippines and carries out his threats against you. You are a very deserving individual, you won't have any one to blame but yourself.

    1. I am really stunned! I don't recognize your writing style and this makes me think you are a new comer as far as posting comments on my blogs. Hat off on you, I will also side with Paul on this one! Ohhhhhh!!!!! the unthinkable happened!!!!!!
      Evan is siding with Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh

      Because you know anonymous that my crusade is based purely on moral considerations and not on material profit,I am not making any money from my blogs, no pub allowed, I have never had any personal vendetta with Paul, I have never met Paul. It was just "enough was enough" with this psychopath that I felt something had to be done,for the sake of my wife's family in the PH, my Filipino friends, preventing the evil to prevail.

      After publishing the first entries on the sexpats wall of shame about sexpats and pimps in Cagayan De Oro the pressure from decent expats and Filipino friends I have in various organizations was flaring up, especially on Spooks and Paul Petrea.
      As for Matt wilkie and Chris Bennetts, wait until see all his mails, including what he was saying about him (Chris) Soon, I will make public all of it, any one can request the original copy of these mails that will come as forwarded directly from my yahoo incoming mailbox, not screenshots.Wait until you see his motivations for taking on Paul and others, like Bob Ward. It's coming.
      It's vacation time here in the riviera, I have family vacationing in my place, my presence to the computer is quite limited, but things will change after Aug.15th when every one is leaving. Who ever you are, thanks again for your observation on this mentally disturbed Matt wilkie.


  2. man this guy is full of Shit,

    I wonder how many subscriptions he has to pay for his boozing and traveling, bar girls etc? If he says he is donating the tons of money this forum must be making then he should disclose with proof of the amount of memberships etc.

  3. I think boycotting any business that advertises on Paul's forum is a good start. Follow up with emails to all businesses and tell that that you will never do business with any business that advertises on a website owned by a woman beating, child predator, scammer. Let's hit this guy in the pocketbook.

  4. I know Paul and he is a genuine piece of shit. He likes to punch older, much smaller guys too. I once Googled him and it seems he has a son in Atlanta, GA running up a nice rap sheet. Like father, like son. What exactly are they charging him with?

    1. I wish you don't involve his son. Whatever the kid has become in life Paul is responsible 100%. Not very clear to whom you're referring to when said " What exactly are they charging with" Are you thinking of Paul or his son?

  5. Paul's listed USA address & some possible relatives, taken from USA amateur radio license files, public records.

    201 CHEVIS RD
    SAVANNAH, GA 31419-9008

    Class: Technician
    Previous Class: Novice
    Previous Callsign:
    License status: * ACTIVE *
    grant date: 09/12/2001
    expired date: 10/08/2011
    effective date: 09/12/2001
    last_action date: 09/07/2004
    PO Box 2500
    TYBEE ISLAND, GA 31328

    Class: Advanced
    Previous Class:
    Previous Callsign:
    License status: * ACTIVE *
    grant date: 10/12/2007
    expired date: 11/24/2017
    effective date: 10/12/2007
    last_action date: 10/12/2007
    207 Blue Crystal Dr
    Deland, FL 32720

    Class: Technician

  6. Thanks for your comment. Paul is now history and his whereabouts in the US are irrelevant. Paul is not only the disgrace of the Philippines expats he once was a member but the whole American community living in the Philippines and what ever family he has left in Georgia. FYI Paul everyday's life in Cambodia is a living a hell. It looks like in Cambodia has a hard time to gain "recognition" he's very frustrated that he has to hide his real ID in the forums there, he has already changed 2 on this one.
    Look for member profile Parrot Head.

    No special skills needed to recognize the guy. Before that, he was posting under another profile, I have saved all posts made under this profile and will be published soon.
    FYI, Evan is watching Paul's movements daily, and can solemnly and sincerely state that this psychopath is living in hell right now. He can't even post his real ID every where he goes, everywhere he posts. His arrogance and cruelty that served to entertain the living in Cebu forums members -behavior that was very welcomed by the members including Guernther Vomberg "the moralist" doesn't seem to work in Cambodia. Of what I'm reading the expat community there is composed by a different culture of expats, that is lees in number compare to the Philippines,Many teachers and professionals that fall not in the sexpat category, and if they do, is on a vacation only time frame. It looks also that Paul Petrea can't establish the foundation necessary to weave a new scam - indispensable for his survival - which it means that Evan has taken care every one in Cambodia was warned and will do more in the near future.
    Finally this:

    Sincerely yours

    Evan Iliadis

    PS. The blog is not updated for a while but doesn't mean is forgotten or abandoned. stay tuned.

  7. Evan, I recently came across your blog after coming into digital contact with Paul on an 'Expats in HCMC' group on Facebook. He was divulging disgusting comments that were completely sexist and inappropriate and I called him out. I immediately knew he was a "sexpat" as you say and pointed that out to him as well. Needless to say he blocked me. After doing a bit more investigating I found out his full name, then your blog, and I can safely say that now I'm truly disturbed.

    While I appreciate the work you've done outting this wretched creature to the world, I have a rather large critique to make of your blog. I extremely disapprove of you posting all these objectified images of women and girls. By doing this you are reinforcing the hate and objectification and, in effect, helping disseminate these photos to a wider audience. I'm sure you never intended to be offensive. I hope you will take the time to consider this. Thank you.

    1. Hello and thanks for your time and info. The publishing of these pictures you mentioned has been a subject of discussion in the past with a few readers and supporters.
      Naming and shaming come when everything else has failed, when all lawmen dd care less, not gave a dime. To be an effective nemeshamer you must create outrage, find and present facts about the accusation, I said facts, no proofs needed; these facts were taken from their (criminals') mouth, camera, and keyboard. An easy job, because the sexpats all have a common point and behavior. They need those smoking the same to exchange porn and scam business deals and support, therefore they have to go in the open, brag their "merchandises" create their own circles. Moreover, they organize the killings in groups, like the hyaenas do and share it, Paul Petrea has been using his forum for just that for years, until the stalker moved in and demolished the scheme.

      The last remaining section of the hidden forums is about to collapse as well, at least the benefits Paul was collecting from the some of the "participants" with a head just rolled down, Paul understand he's no longer the boss. It was time.
      Friend, what you see in these pictures is just the tip of the iceberg and all were published in various forums and boards way before I do.
      Please send me a private mail with more, you can stay anonymous.

      Best regards
      Evan Iliadis

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