Monday, July 30, 2018

Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time

July 31st 2018 update: I told you so! 

A quick update

As we all know by now, and as expected, the forum is back.  With strange things happening. First, Paul lashed out not only on Chris Sorensen but on Salty Dog also. That snake Salty Dog! Yes folks! Even Paul wants him out of his life! That's how usually ends scumbags flock together. 

Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time
Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time 
Stabbing time
Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time 

Noticed? He said "not affiliated". This means nothing folks. Besides, it comes form the biggest liar in forums history, second only to Paul. Don the salty dog. Sorensen is still the owner, he just delegated power of attorney to him in exchange of acting the way  Sarah Sanders defending trump, lies and damn lies that is. 

And here is what he said on the forum 
Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time
I didn't know who had bought the forum from Paul until nearly a year after the purchase
and I was a staff member.

You did't know who's the new owner for more than a year?  Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time 

Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time

End of the update. Folks there is much more coming. In the mean time, please do a favor to yourself; dont reply to any offer of services, loans, banking, bit coins and similar get rich overnight scams. In few weeks (Summertime laziness here) You'll know more, much more.  

End of the update  Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time 

Hello to all orphan boys residents in the living in Cebu forums. I got some news for you! You know that new owner of the living in Cebu forums Member#1? That you always wondered who the hell    might be this person and why he hides his ID tightly? Mystery solved! Thanks to Paul Petrea! Here he is:

Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time
Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time 

Chris Sorensen. Aka Monsoon, Aka Member#1, What else? Hum!!!!!! Not so good.Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time 

Folks, It could be breaking news but isn't. A few initiated in the LICF knew from day one (Including myself) who Member#1 is (The new owner of the forum). Weeks later almost all of the regular gang knew it also. 
But the demande/order from Chris Sorensen to keep his name secret on the forum was followed, I'd say fairly good, I did follow it as well, just for the heck of helping some friends members who asked for to:  "Let's wait and see what his attentions are." 

While on standby, disturbing information about Chris Sorensen were flowing in about some crooked business registration in Las Vegas and London confirming Chris'  behavior of keeping  it real low, flying under the radar, making sure he goes undetectable. Stil, despite the pressure receiving from supporters to move on, I needed more. 

Then, the surprise came from Paul Petrea Much later of the date he promised to do a statement. It was January 2018 Read below. 

 Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time
Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time 

Then, where everyone thought he will reveal details of the deal and what went wrong and sower, no one imagined that Paul, after months on silence will wake up the beast on him (If ever was asleep) and attack Chris Sorensen right on the Achilles heel: Publically Revealing his name as the owner of LICF was for Soreensen a deep wound to his ego.  Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time 
Folks, this saga isn't about to coming to an end so I can get my trip to Disneyland. Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time 
The forum is not dead, the forum is functioning in hidden layers, yes, there are several layers of secrecy and members classifications. 

Folks, summer time here, I'll be roaming all august between France and Greece but I'll be reading  mail and comments. Send them massively, the horse is not dead, it's in the hands of a veterinary ready to undergo surgery. 

But  no wounded horse has ever entered the competition again. Paul Petrea Chris Sorensen: Stabbing time 

Happy Summer to all see you in September. 


  1. Wonder if this guy was a Linker? Discussions of child porn busts & child exploitation seem to be avoid there now. Too close to home?

    1. Make no mistake. It shouldn't be news to any one for the reason the hidden forums exist. More later on the blog.

  2. Woody Jr busted again, gun & drug felonies, like father, like son

    B201843726 09 11 2018 1714 PETREA, WOODY PAUL L M 10 17 90 1901 ANNARBOR SAN ANTONIO, TX. 78236 TX0150000
    J1868315 NM 404713 F3 POSS CS PG 1 1 GRAM AWTG INDICTMENT 5000.00
    J1868316 NM 404714 FS POSS CS PG 1 LESS TH AWTG INDICTMENT 2000.00
    W1659035 J1848751 D186 2018CR6218 F3 FELON POSS FIREARM BOND FORFEITURE ** RWOB **
    W1659051 J1848750 D186 2018CR7038 F1 POSS W/I DEL CS PG1 BOND FORFEITURE ** RWOB **
    W1659109 J1814939 D186 2017CR12805 F3 FELON POSS FIREARM BOND FORFEITURE ** RWOB **

    1. Hello friend. Google has disabled the "live links" feature. but a copy - paste of the link to the URL bare doesn't bring you there.
      I published it anyway with an explanation: Is not about Paul but his son. Paul bears all the responsibility for the decadence of this young man that goes in and out of jail quite frequently. copy and paste the url below for better understanding,

  3. Re-post From Living in Cambodia & LinC Forums:
    Some sad news about Paul. This was on Battambang Connect.
    After a short period of suffering from recurrent abdominal pain Paul went in for some medical tests/diagnosis.
    The final diagnosis is pancreatic cancer, stage 4 and terminal. Original estimate of 6 months to a year has proved to be incorrect.
    4 days ago he became unresponsive and we got him to the hospital.
    An IV and blood transfusions got him stable enough to transport him back to their home on the farm so he can be in a place he dearly loves. .
    He will stay there till he passes away being cared for by Chan and her family .
    Now his survival time is estimated to be about 7 - 10 days.
    Paul and Chan wish's are for a proper Buddhist ceremony and cremation. Followed by appropriate Buddhist rituals. To be announced here at appropriate times as the situation develops.
    This completely unsuspected financial drain has placed Chan in a bit of an awkward position financial. Anyone wishing to donate to them should contact Chan through Pauls email address or contact myself either through here or some early afternoons at the Delicious Restaurant on Street 121 near Street 3.
    Paul/Chan email address is:
    The farm is about 30K from Battambang and Pauls current condition really precludes visitors,