Monday, April 16, 2018

LICF Sexpat Lee Adams Coleman lee

LICF Sexpat Lee Adams Coleman lee - an ugly American.  

Dear friend. You may think the words that follows are written by an middle-easterner opposing Trump' s statements and actions, that no one doubts his profound racism, muslims bashing and general xenophobia he thinks is a threat to his philosophy  "America first"promoting at the same time his pro-semitic agenda. Non.
Or, you may think I  came to revive a blog of a fellow American who was forced to shut it down after receiving life threats daily.

I'm here today for the same reason since 2009, exposing some "special expats" coming to the Philippines that , unfortunately,  according to a former US Ambassador to the PH invade the country in huge numbers, with Americans and their English speaking cousins leading the statistiques.

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