Thursday, March 1, 2018

La Renaissance

The living in Cebu forums undergo a major lifting. Yeah? What does it consist of? I havent heard or read anything on CNN, FOX news, MSNBC, NY TIMES, WASHINGTON POST and the like. But I did hear from the horse's mouth some interesting news: OzTony, the Salty Dog and Member#1 are the new commanders in chief of the LICF. 

Let's greet them. 

Fellow forumers, American patriots, members of the LICF La renaissance is now for real! 

Et Alors? So? Now what? The fat lady is singing again? Hummmm I'm afraid not. Are the workers happy and grateful? Some are but most not. Did things really change? Some say enough to be the same. And maybe worse in the near future. What I'm thinking? 

Well, lets get started: 

Back in the middle of last year - 2017- rumors within the "elite"  of the membership indicated that the sale of the forum by Paul Petrea to an undisclosed buyer is now a  done deal. Paul confirmed this later, but no word to whom the buyer might be. Oh well, this is usual in the big business transactions, parties involved should observe the rules of discretion and limited disclosure. 

Take a look what Paul said (You may need to clock on) 

La Renaissance
Posted 29 January 2018 - 04:15 AM
I sold the Living in Cebu Forum website, back in March, 2017. The current owner took over at that time, with me continuing to run the site, per his request. I continued administrative duties until the first of January. La Renaissance 
 However, there now seems to be some misinformation going around regarding the sale, and other information. I will make a post to clear that misinformation up, by the first week of March.
 EDIT: We are focusing our time and energy on the farm, located in rural Battambang Province, Cambodia. 
Edited by Paul, 29 January 2018 - 04:21 AM.
Speculation began as soon as this happened, however, not many had access to the information as to who the new owner might be; all indications were pointed to OzTony an Aussie member of the forum. Personally, I wasn't convinced further than the fact he just played a roll on the transaction, I think I was right, even righter if I tell you that he's now one of the pillars mentioned above but not the owner. 

Let's introduce him as such.

Tony Williams "aka" oztony La Renaissance 

 La Renaissance

Tony Williams "aka" oztony La Renaissance 

Together with Salty Dog He's in charge of distributing banning and warnings. 
To whom? To anyone who has the audacity to go against the culture  he's a nostalgic of, he will zealously continue "the reformes" undertaken recently, completely chasing the infidels, Trolls, liberals, talking too much guys and anyone who doesn't comply. 

Tony has changed the way of cleaning up things. Gone are  Paul's days where the banning was crud, brutal, accompanied with "look at me how tuff I am" kind of statements. Tony will just hide your post if he doesn't like it, you'll not even now it. Another clever way, is tempering with your login password. He will delete it, prompt you to go through the process of getting a new one, but, this will never succeed. That means, you're not banned but you can't post. 
As far as I'm concerned I've never had to go through such effort to be banned! Finally done !
We dont know what Tony has accomplished in his life. if any. Certainly not much, that's why he takes his title of "Global Moderator"so seriously, he can't live without.

    oztonyoztony +Global Mod
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After he and SaltyDog gave a humiliating run around to Tullioz thread about Drew Shoobrook and not before erasing some sins of the past on the subject   and after I hinted to revisit this old topic he approved the thread on another place, as a new one, not linked to the old one, because on the old one we'll read this: 

Let's post it once again. 

Tony Williams "aka" oztony La Renaissance

Tony Williams "aka" oztony La Renaissance 

 La Renaissance

Tony Williams "aka" oztony La Renaissance 

That was back in 2013. Then, the thread was deleted/hidden just last week, then, he approved Tullioz thread. Tony participated with this: (please click on to enlarge it for better reading)

Questions to you Tony: Where were you when Paul Petrea was putting all his power and effort in flying to the help of this trash? 
Where were you when this pedophile Williams Becket "aka" skywalker was bragging his pedophelia exploits in the DK? Have you ever posted the slightest opposition on his membership status? 

Reader, I want you now to take a look on the screenshot below. It comes from OzTony's FB.

La Renaissance

Tony Williams "aka" oztony La Renaissance 

Ken Thurston 'aka" Contraman. Tony's favorite buddy. The nastiest criminal, dirty soul for me. 
Please click to read. 

Here is an excerpt of the link mentioned above: 

 La Renaissance

Tony Williams "aka" oztony La Renaissance 

Sickpat-Sexpat Tony Williams AKA OzTony
Another question for you: Below is a picture of the first thing visitors see on your FB timeline, 
 La Renaissance

Tony Williams "aka" oztony La Renaissance 

Of course Ken Thurston like that. 

But Tullioz, a member of this forum who belongs to the other alley of this board, is a compassionate expat, a writer treating the minorities, like the Muslims and the Bajaos, with respect and dignity. Not all Muslims are ISIS soldiers, not all Bajaos are living of begging, I'd say a small minority, 

Tuillioz irritated quite a few bigots in this forum and you decided to get rid of him in the most unethical and disgusting way; Discredit his good faith and principles. This is a criminal offense, defamation at its finest, 

And youTony Williams an accessory. (If not the instigator) 

Good people, decent expat, the Living In Cebu Forums is not the place to be if you live your life in the PH abiding by the rules and with respect and tolerance to locals, even with their flaws. You're at risk. 

More coming soon. Keep en eye....

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