Monday, February 19, 2018

Great job Trolls!

Great job Trolls! 

 Great job Trolls!
Oh Yeah? It was a very interesting experiment? "Some members?" Who were they? It was tolerated for years! The place where Paul was manipulating the first sergeants for donations and "triple diamond" titles in exchanges of letting them express their most outreagius statements and pictures. You need now to find another daycare for your adult tenants. Make sure they have a diaper change service. If you can't, I do have an address for you I'll send you there later.     
Changes to the Living In Cebu Forums are taking place swiftly. Faster than we hoped. One more bastion of moronity just shot its doors for good. 
Farewell to Outlaw forums. One more down, one more to go.  Thanks to the Trolls! Yes Sir! To theTrolls!! 

 Great job Trolls!
MFuriani here! We are proud of our accomplishment. Proud of our repeat banning.  We looked for, we got it! We're far from giving up, we'll always be there for you! For everyone banned, 3 others will join, positionning themselves ready to take on the last chapter: Demolition of the remnants Paul Petrea puppies ole farts. 

New! Just came in! Furiani got his badge of honor with big Red letters! Finally!Thanks for the recognition! 
Great job Trolls!

We initiated the closing of the Dirty kitchen: Done.
Then, the US politics forum: Done. 
Next in line: The total elimination of the remnant of "Marines" who got their classes in the Subic Bay brothels labeling the Philippines as the world's capital of pedophelia and cheapest pussy on earth. (I was wondering what their Filipino wife thinks of the label). 
Here is Salty dog in his hey days in Subic Bay 

Great job Trolls!
Glory Glory Hallelujah Seargent!
   I have now to interrupt this entry and switch to the sexpats wall of shame for an important announcement. 

Update: While I was typing an entry on the other blog, a notification ringed directing me to a new thread about Drew Frederick Shobbrook. 

By the time I go there, another message came with an attachment below:

Great job Trolls!

 Ah!!!! The clever boy on diapers!! Review the posts? Which posts? Anyone knows? Many do but only few talk. It happened to be one of these. To your dismay.

Folks, once upon the time, there was a thread started by Paul about the guy appealing to members for help to Drew. The topic has 6 pages, I have them all saved, today I will post 3 screenshots that tell you all why salty dog erased the whole thing. Here is a shot of the thread.
Great job Trolls!
#1 Paul  Paul The Little Terror +Founder 

Posted Yesterday, 01:33 PM 

Drew, who is a member of this forum - karma007 (guests and new members cannot view profiles), was recently in Philippine news, and arrested.

Anyway, he is currently in the Cebu city jail. Visitation days are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. He is asked if any members of this forum would, or could possibly drop in to see him. If you can, and will, please try to drop by to see him.

Then, someone doubled the offer, a guy known for his usual compassion and kind words like these: Great job Trolls!

how much you missed the down stairs Fred!. No worries, you will soon have a new one buddy...

Paul, very frustrated at the end because Drew was contributing with generous tips to Paul but he couldn't help posted this: 

When I come back I will have a message for Member#1 and his dolphin OzTony. OzTony who? I'll tell you... 
But first a few words for the new owner. 

As you may know(and approved) I was banned from the site "the new way, probably because of high numbers of suicide after banning you chose a gentle way of doing it now; consisting of either being on moderation, or on lurking only. But before that, your postings will be hidden to others, only you see them, and you don't even know it. Besides, the red color banner Banned you don't see it! Lastly, your private mailbox is taken a way so you can't communicate with anyone, hence the move to communicate with you Member#1 from here and publicly. 

I will patiently wait for a week to give you time to correct a few things before I start positioning the dynamite sticks. In the meanwhile Member#1 should take a look to what happened to his friend.

 Great job Trolls!

To be continued: 

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  1. Hi, I am a 1 post ex-member of LinC forum. I guess Member#1 (owner) words were hollow, just as all of his Staff's words are. "Everyone is free to express their own opinions." Yes, you are free to post and they are free to ban. Then there is the jackbooted thug OZTony (Global Mod)that has over 11,000 post. Does this guy live on the forum? Maybe he needs to get laid or get a life other than on the internet. What a pathetic looser. Anyways, here is what he has to say, "Keeping in mind Member #1 wants to avoid any banning whatsoever if possible.. " BWAHAHA, What a total tool. Must be senile or brain rot from a STD. Ok, so the LinC forum has harbored many a criminal, hosted numerous scams, and in general just a bunch of washed up wanna be famous old farts that are living in the past, each trying to out do one another in their posts. We need to keeping messing with them as they seem to enjoy the heck out of the attention. Trolls unite and attack.