Friday, February 23, 2018

Another badge of honor.

Another badge of honor. You see it? A true one! Big, fat, no frame needed, Sean will hang it to his wall of honor as is. 

Reader, you thought we're a bunch of naive believing in the resurrection of the Living in Cebu Forums, Paul is gone, Paul is dead, vive Paul! Vive the sexpats residents in the LICF! Long life to the Forum! 

Sean said:
Sean said
 Another badge of honor.I come here for entertainment only. I can find the answer to my questions through other and much more reliable means.
I found Paul's rules quite oppressive and heavy handed. As for the new owner, and it is his website, but already he is carrying forward rules that I don't agree with. 
He can do as he pleases, but I can say, if i disagree, I am sure there are others.
The question to be asking is why aren't all current members active in the discussions? Don't worry about new members just yet, this forum has an untapped resource already signed up and with the potential to add to the discussions.

I know Paul has seemingly removed himself now, but a Google search will show the true character of him. I never liked him and his hypocrisy. No matter what he tried to portray online, his off line personality showed through profoundly.

I can almost bet that this forum, although the new owner making attempts to improve and/or change it, will not be any different than what it is now. A handful of characters having a conversation among themselves.
So to wrap it up, I consider this forum for entertainment purposes only. I can do with or without as I have never got any useful information from it (and I have been reading Paul's yahoo group and this forum when he moved it from his yahoo group) other than what kind of person Paul really is.
I do wish the new owner success, but in running a business I learned very early on, to be successful you must give what your customers want, not what you want to give them.
This will probably be my first and last post, as I will go back to being a lurker.

Evan Iliadis said: 

Another badge of honor.

Next: ( Probably tomorrow )  Click on the image to enlarge it

Another badge of honor.
He is where he belongs , a complete disgrace to his country and also to mankind in general....that extra weight would indicate that he has family sponsoring his meals ...his so called mates would have ditched him long ago ....his appearance says a lot for his exercise regime also ....nothing but a lazy sex offending slug.......

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