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Living in Cebu Forums-Let the banning begin

Living in Cebu Forums-Let the banning begin 

Q. What is this? The cellar?
A. It's (one of) the hidden forum in the living in Cebu Forums where the owner Paul Petrea is conducting his crooked business, including scams and porn, - even though for the latest there are several others. 

Q. Why Paul needs these forums within the main public forum?

A. The creation of secret boards was the result of a fierce war against Paul declared by a group of activists lead by Evan Iliadis. 

Q. Why these activists and Evan wants Paul forums permanently down? 

A. For the sake of respect to our Filipino wives and our mixed complexion children that Paul Petrea and many other members have humiliated over the years with despicable acts and statements, including his (Paul's) wives and children living in the US. 

Q. How Evan and his team collect information on Paul and others collaborating with him? 

A. Take a look at this link and follow the links. 

Q. Has Evan been always accurate in publishing information on Paul Petrea? 
A. Maybe not. With the creation of the hidden forums, Paul has transferred all compromised threads there, making it difficult for my friends to be informed. 

But, being always keen to correct the record based on new information flowing in, I'm here today to put it straight on at least for two "veterans," long time members, high volume posters, are now banned from all forums.        

One is on your left. I thought his banning from all forums is related to the controversial fundraising where all indications point to a scam as we've seen before. It looks like there is more to the story than a simple dispute over the loot. 

Back to the subject, he (Fred) was banned for privately informing the moderator of a hidden forum (The Cellar) about a pedophile being a member, providing him with the necessary information to support his allegation. 

My understanding is that Fred was asking the removal of this guy from the forum; instead, he was the one to be removed for blowing the whistle, regardless it was in a  private and confidential way. 

Big mistake for Fred. He touched the sacred, unwritten rules established by Paul, consisting of "Never discriminate a lowlife, criminal, or a scammer, anyone who belongs to my world, because when this happen, I take it personally, feel threatened,  my survival depending on them." 

What will follow, Fred, puzzles me and probably others; On May 2013  you posted this in a place and time other members were reluctant to participate in the discussion defending the most sarcastic criminal the Cebu Detention Center has ever known. (More on that on another blog at the appropriate time.) 

Here is what you said. (Click on the image to enlarge it)

Paul liked your interest and granted the request, the thread moved to the Cellar, still there ever since. FYI Karma007 wasn't a friend helping Drew Shoobrook aka Bender, aka Frenzy3, but himself (Drew), communicating with the forum from jail. 
At the same time, Paul warned other members with a ban if they post anything discriminatory towards Drew. Take a look. 


In closing, Dear Fred, Reading all that and more, like how close you were to Paul on controversial issues, what would prevent anyone to include you in his inner circles? To label you"guilty by association?" Or may by naivety? 
However, congratulations on your exit from this evil place. I hope you aren't gonna fall into the depression because of Paul's backstabbing, so clear and loud. 
The closer you get to Paul the better the chance to be victimized, materially or psychologically. Ask former members, his ex-girls friends, and wives. 

I have recently noticed, that, another high caliber poster is banned. His name is "Davaoeno."  

I don't know his real name, it doesn't matter to me, I'm not investigating him for anything, neither planning to expose him for any wrong-doing. To the contrary:

Like all high caliber, talented members, high volume posters, I was "stalking" him for many years.

Davaoeno is not a sexpat, is not surviving in the country doing crooked business. Of what I'm reading, he's a real estate developer in Davao and a former Lawyer in Canada.

Going thru his vast number of postings, I was wondering, where such a busy person finds time to actively participate in often trivial, banal and boring conversations? I owned or managed many businesses from the age of 25, small, from 1 to 50 employees, I've never had time for anything else, a quick newspaper reading and a bit of TV in the evening. 

More shocking (but not really surprising) to me, was the fact that he (Davaoeno) expressed his dislike to Paul quite often, I think (not sure) he was banned once before. How could be else? Two completely different profiles, the established, in good standing citizen on one side, the peddler lowlife with a criminal record on the other.

So, why he persisted, "vai que vai" to stay a member? The answer is, for the same reason as many others, good people, are doing the same; Exchange of information about everything concerning their expat status. (More on that in another entry)

Why he was banned? Living in Cebu Forums-Let the banning begin 

Searching the LICF database, it appears that the last post-Davaoeno made (in the public forum at least) was a new thread he started on Nov.2

Posted 02 November 2016 - 11:54 AM 

Traffickers' prey: The young and helpless
Wednesday, November 02, 2016
"HOW many innocent children have suffered and still suffering? How many dreams have shattered because of false promises? How many more young lives will be the next victim of child trafficking? 
The numbers are mounting every day, in this modern slave trade. With the increasing population, in the height of globalization, and post-modern technologies that enable people from across the world to reach out wherever they wish to..."
If interested continue here

Then, he vanished! Banned! Forever! His posting and date of "disappearance" coincide with the date the discussion and oppositions to the presence of pedophiles in Paul's  forums took place in the hidden forums. Is it fair to conclude that he was banned for the same reason as Fred? Probably yes. And if I'm wrong someone will correct me. I'll be waiting....

In closing, I advise you again to flee this evil place before the lawmen get involved. Paul will not suffer the consequences of this intervention, he's not in the PH, you, live there, not a fun situation to be in. 

Sincerely yours
Evan Iliadis Cannes cote d'Azur France 

Living in Cebu Forums-Let the banning begin