Saturday, July 23, 2016

The fall of a psychopath swindler

Entry updated Monday, January 30th 2017.

Dear Fred and Janice A.K.A the watchman.

This is to inform you the following: 
Every once in a while I receive a personal message coming from members of the Living in Cebu Forums with content varying from insults to compliments, with kind and nasty words, but also providing me with information and things "I should know". All welcomed. No discrimination on Evan's side, I read them and I even reply. 

Lately, I received a few messages regarding the turmoil taking place in the Cellar forum a.k.a hidden forums, precisely about the support a pedophile member is receiving from Paul Petrea. I do have the name and all credentials of the guy but I'll keep it offline while others working on this, hopefully, we'll read something soon in the local press. 

Friends, Paul's support for lowlife and criminals living in the Philippines isn't news to me. Pimps, bar-fine brothel owners, pedophilia, sex-den sites, mentally disturbed and psychopaths expats, even those serving time in jail, like Drew Frederick Shobbrook aka Dean Hoban aka Frenzy3, name them, Paul has always been a supporter, urging the members to visit Drew in Cebu jail and provide all the support they can. 
Yesterday, a reader posted a comment you see at the end of this page, but for your convenience, I'll copy it right below: 

I have been able to contact the poster of this comment for enlightenment and further explanation of his assertion resulting for me in believing the sincerity of his statements. hence my decision to elaborate on the subject. 

So, Fred did not abuse the charity funds,  he spent it as intended, try to save a life that is. Fine. When someone spread doubt on an accusation, the least the accuser should do is granting the benefit of the doubt in his favor; as hard or inconvenient this might be, dare to explain later how the accused reached this wall of shame.  
My answer to this is, "not that hard when you're a close buddy of this psychopath potentially guilty by association for contributing to his survival, either, by financially sponsoring his site, or contributing in fundraising operations from this forum while history has demonstrated more than once what these philanthropic actions were all about.

You have openly and without reservation supported Paul with an unbelievable naivety, or was it for defying my struggle to shut down this evil place? careless for your reputation while you were feeding a monster as many still continue to do it. 

Friends in the Living in Cebu Forums, I strongly advise you to erase any trace identifying you as a member of this forum. Time has come to be investigated and be shot down for good. Because once in the real news, (Not Trump's style alternative facts) Stalker Evan will fuel the controversy to the maxi of his capacity as a personal biographer assigned to this post by your master Paul Petrea. 

Sincerely yours
Evan Iliadis Cannes cote d'Azur France 

It took time and persistence, it paid off, Paul Petrea is living his last days, weeks, or at the most a few more months, financially broke, crippled with health problems (not even 50 an old man already) is looking for a way out.  Here is the latest. The fall of a psychopath swindler

Cambodia hasn't been kind to Paul, thanks to Evan Iliadis  the expat community was warned about the predator from day one of his arrival, before he can setup his modus operandi on scamming expats tested and succeeded in the Philippines. He arrived in Cambodia with stolen money made from a pyramid scheme estimated at US$20K.

The fall of a psychopath swindler
The fall of a psychopath swindler
My estimation at the time, year  2012 when I forced him to flee the Philippines before his arrest from the country's back door to Cambodia, was that with this money he could survive for 3-4 years, a small revenue from Google ads adding a few more months, plus a bunch of peddlers - members of his forum provided him with small cash donations responding to his begging for survival. "Donate or I'll shut down the forum"!  

A few dozen of them kept him alive fearing the closure of the mother of all scams forum in the Philippines leaving the lowlife sexpats in Cebu with no place to show their "smartness" and know all persona. 

Dear sexpats members of the Living in Cebu Forums

Before I bring you a couple of announcements on the latest of your hero I want you to take a look on this: The fall of a psychopath swindler

Paul has always stated that my crusade on him to put him down does not bother him, he doesn't care what I'm writing about him, "He doesn't give a s---ht" life and business continue as usual. 
Oh Yeah? Reading pages and pages on me in the hidden forums and blogs run by a few of his supporters  residents on my wall of shame found very little support  from the members, got sick and tired of his rant, even threatened him to stop it or else. They ordered him my name (Evan Iliadis) be a taboo and never mention it again

He complied with the order but his animal clever instinct ordered him to continue out side the forum, on his other one. There, he can write whatever he likes, no members' censure, there aren't many, even less contributing with piety money for his survival, he can write whatever he wants. And he did.

Living in Cambodia Forums Paul Petrea goes to war with the gay community  The fall of a psychopath swindler

 That's what one thinks reading a post he made on the said forum above. In reality, it was another occasion to have a go, one more, on his personal stalker (me). Look at the screen shot for a preview, Click on to enlarge it
The fall of a psychopath swindler
Paul Perea Living in Cambodia forums  The fall of a psychopath swindle

The rant started when Paul Petrea was looking for someone to hate and blame for his debacle in Cambodia. He found it within the gay community, when he poured rain on their gay pride parade one of them reminded him people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones adding to the reminder where his glass house was, that is a link directing the readers to this site.

I'll let you read the story so I continue with the rest of the news I came here today. The original entry has now being deleted by Paul but his "personal stalker" did once again his job in saving it for you. 

click below and happy reading. 
Michael Camp, keyboard commando. Thanks for encouraging me.

The fall of a psychopath swindler
The fall of a psychopath swindle

Paul Petrea prepares his return to Savannah Georgia.(If not already there) The fall of a psychopath swindler

Fellow readers, last week a friend from Savannah Georgia informed me that Paul is thinking of going back to GA. Not surprised.

Since he fled the US 25 years ago he has only went back once, thanks to Steven Matrix that paid for him the air ticket and provided shelter. He didn't know then the kind of garbage he was, he knows now, no repeat.

No money, no professional skills, in poor health, bad reputation who wants him? No one!
Friends, the clan Petrea in Savannah Georgia is BIG. Everyone in Georgia knows the Petreas so it's difficult to get away from the troubles he left behind, they all hate him, except one, he's willing to give him a place to stay. 
I know who he is, let's keep him out for the moment.

Most of the Petreas in Georgia are citizens in good standing, some are elected in public office in their state and very concerned of his presence around. They know what he's capable doing in his psychotic behavior, they rather avoid him. 
Not clear though he goes for free treatment or to stay for good. My guess is the second. Time will tell. 

Why this decision? The tough cookie "who retired to the Philippines at the age of 30 and enjoy life" (should I have with another big fat fecking Greek laugh), he has never enjoyed life in the SE Asia. 
He was there for the only reason he could satisfy his drinking habit, beating up every single woman came on his way, scamming on dumb sexpats  and go unpunished. Until I stepped on his way.  
You know the rest of the story don't you? 

There is more news for Paul and his forumfall of a psychopath swindler

Remember my warnings on the charity plots and scams? 

I'm talking this one: (Click on the image to enlarge it)
The fall of a psychopath swindler
The fall of a psychopath swindle 
The "watchman" is gone. Too big of a  Philanthropist to fit on the LINC scams. Or the fight for the loot? I'll tell you soon.

The fall of a psychopath swindler
The fall of a psychopath swindle Fred and Janice Maturo 
The fall of a psychopath swindler
The fall of a psychopath swindle It pays BIG for being philanthropist, doesn't it? 
It pays BIG for being philanthropist, doesn't it? 

And this one? 

 The fall of a psychopath swindler
The fall of a psychopath swindle
Remember "bigmook" "aka" Gregory Conaway? He now goes by the screen name of "Enuff"
The fall of a psychopath swindler
The fall of a psychopath swindl
Why this change?
Watchman's  partner in scam but a whole different profile. No Ferraris and "compounds" here. Look at the video below

Enough for today. New data and info coming in soon.