Sunday, January 3, 2016

James Musslewhite saga on Harry Doyle murder

Dear Sir James Musslewhite from Surigao Philippines James Musslewhite saga on Harry Doyle murder

Dear Sir James Musslewhite from Surigao Philippines
Dear Sr James Musslewhite from Surigao Philippines
flip flops on the murder case. follow the link at the
end of the page and read the real story
It is with a great interest read your riposte on a previous entry about you, right here on this blog, regarding the Harry Doyle murder in Surigao Island in the Philippines where you live, where Harry Doyle was living and where he was killed

Evan Iliadis, a known "stalker" of the living in Cebu forums where he follows the trail of the sexpats, scammers and crooks operating out of the said forum has spotted you there not because (As you stated on your FB wall) you're a member and a former moderator. Not at all.. Imagine if I had to stalk a couple of thousand of members the time I would need.

It was because you authored a very sensitive subject on a place that everyone in a similar situation would avoid like the devil the holy water. I mean any decent people; because decent people don't come to a place owned by a criminal, someone you're helping to generate income through the pages you publish there.

Dear Sir James Musslewhite from Surigao Philippines 

reading your 54 pages of reports, comments and rants still wondering  what your motivations could be to spend so much time and resources on a matter that up until the first 10 -15 pages we thought it was just because this happened in your area. But digging deeper, discovery after discovery inconsistencies and incoherence of your tale surfaced, flip flop in abundance prompting me to question your motivations of putting your self and family at risk.

Dear Sir James Musslewhite from Surigao Philippines
Dear Sir James Musslewhite from Surigao
Philippines statement on the Living in Cebu forums 
If you say, you have never had anything  to do with this murder, never been considered as a suspect, never been interrogated as such, then, why this effort to clear your name? Spending a great amount of time on the forums posting lengthy reports and comments, let alone replying and arguing with the peddlers? 

For technical reasons, I decided the continuation of the story be moved to another site, more features in layout and security. 
Also, because of your choice to hire the Philippines sexpats' mercenary  Matt Wilkie known to always fly to the rescue of Evan's "victims". Expect also his partner Christopher Bennetts to visit your FB wall in an effort to join forces on the "anti-Evan" front 

Please click on the link below  to continue reading the sordid story of 

Harry Doyle murder as reported by JamesMusslewhite from Surigao Philippines  Dear Sir James Musslewhite from Surigao Philippines

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  1. Thanks my friend I really appreciate all your posts about these characters. Your updates allow me and my friends to know of the situation and criminals around us.