Friday, February 8, 2013

Guenther Vomberg Filipino citizen

Guenther Vomberg Filipino Citizen.As the name of this newly created blog indicates - Paul Petrea and associates- we have already inaugurated the event by honoring Guenther Vomberg, a prominent member of the living in Cebu forums, a key member with a record posting of 7000+ comments since December of 2010. Less than two years, provided not even his boss Paul Petrea owner of the forum has achieved this in the same period, counting the rugby threads as well. Congratulations Commander.   

Guenther Vomberg  Filipino citizen
One more time this controversial foreigner from Germany about to be a Filipino citizen is taking advantage of others' people statements to portray himself as a loyal and cooperative foreigner, a law abide citizen making sure every one understand he's here, on this forum, to defend the honor and positive image of the Philippines against those other slanders that day in day out complaining about anything in the Philippines. 
Any one asked him to do this? No! Just on his own!

Last week, there was a thread about a subject on PH judicial system, specifically on a case that has been debated for years in the legal circles all over the world, as a unique case of careless, expedite judgment that almost sent to death a guy accused of a heinous crime.
 Basically, the accused was sentenced on the sole testimony of a prosecutor's witness, a felon testifying in exchange of saving his own head. The court, refused the defense to enter testimony of 42 reliable witness placing the accused as being in Manila the day and time the crime was committed in Cebu.
 Google here  and pic your choice.
In the Philippines, courts consider the alibi as a weak defense, contrary to the testimony of any unreliable or suspicious testifying under obscure motivations witness will be heard with greater interest. If this case is dated back to 2005-06 the country has avoided in extremis a similar embarrassment on a Norvegian and his Filipina fiancèe accused of killing a 6 year old girl, accusation  also based on a vague testimony with the police investigators ignoring the accused strong alibi. Finally, thanks to the intervention of Governor Garcia,  she did not permit the ignorance of a chief of police to prevail, she fired him, the Norvigian was freed.

When in Bohol, the case have been freely debated with my friends, Lawyers and other legal professions, doctors and high ranking government employees all agreed the Philippines have been ridiculed internationally in this case, nothing to be proud of. But not Guenther Vomberg! No! Guenther doesn't want to comment against the government! 
Guenther Vomberg Filipino citizen

 Soooo!!! Important the guy ha! he's wearing a Philippines commander's uniform..... Wow!!!! He works for the Philippines government and he has to shut his fecking mouth!!!!!.... Or else!.... What this "else" can be? as one of his his co- forumers told him once: 
"I can see that you speak from a position of authority on this subject...
and also "you are always try to please someone"..
But the Philippines government has never asked any one to fly to the rescue of its flawed judicial system,even less to Guenther Vomberg! Philippines is open to criticism, they used to, they know the flaws goes beyond the basics, the reason often being the implementation of a judicial system based on this of the US, unfit to their culture, counting on untrained investigators and prosecutors often appointed to the job by politicians keeping an election time promise. Guenther's agenda is different. He has some other reasons trying to please the authorities and we have seen it before. But trust me, those Guenther thinks will reward his allegiance don't give a crap for him.    

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