Thursday, November 29, 2012

Scammers plotters and the rest of us.

Scammers plotters and the rest of us.Hello to every one welcome again to a (not so) new entry of this blog.
The entry was first posted on another blog that blog dot com chose to suspended to protect the integrity of Paul Petrea! What a joke, isn't it? But because Paul is still alive and well now operating out of Cambodia and because he's ready to strike again on expats living there it will be necessary to re-publish the topic in an effort of informing expats living in Cambodia to be victimized as those he scammed in the Philippines. Evan Iliadis is following his trail through the forums there, he keeps low profile, reduced to the status of a zero as opposed to a "hero"he used to be in the Philippines nightlife, now  posting under aliases!.. but something tells me we will hear from him again. Paul can't live without his name is on the "headlines" no matter for good or worst, as long as we talk about him.
Let's get started now. The Screen shot below is from the old entry, same for the pictures and text.

Scammers plotters and the rest of us.

I'm reminding you, Paul with another American member of his forum set up a lending business scheme to defraud members of his forum thousands of US dollars before "exiting" the Philippines from the back door in Mindanao. He was promising them the highest return on their investment, except from one or two, most lost the their capital, some big, more than 13K US dollars other small just a couple of K only.Total estimated about 40K US$.
Clicking here will bring you to a saved page of the old blog where you'll read more about the topic, You'll also have the opportunity to meet some other stars residing on Evan's wall of shame/

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