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Scammers plotters and the rest of us.

Scammers plotters and the rest of us.Hello to every one welcome again to a (not so) new entry of this blog.
The entry was first posted on another blog that blog dot com chose to suspended to protect the integrity of Paul Petrea! What a joke, isn't it? But because Paul is still alive and well now operating out of Cambodia and because he's ready to strike again on expats living there it will be necessary to re-publish the topic in an effort of informing expats living in Cambodia to be victimized as those he scammed in the Philippines. Evan Iliadis is following his trail through the forums there, he keeps low profile, reduced to the status of a zero as opposed to a "hero"he used to be in the Philippines nightlife, now  posting under aliases!.. but something tells me we will hear from him again. Paul can't live without his name is on the "headlines" no matter for good or worst, as long as we talk about him.
Let's get started now. The Screen shot below is from the old entry, same for the pictures and text.

Scammers plotters and the rest of us.

I'm reminding you, Paul with another American member of his forum set up a lending business scheme to defraud members of his forum thousands of US dollars before "exiting" the Philippines from the back door in Mindanao. He was promising them the highest return on their investment, except from one or two, most lost the their capital, some big, more than 13K US dollars other small just a couple of K only.Total estimated about 40K US$.
Clicking here will bring you to a saved page of the old blog where you'll read more about the topic, You'll also have the opportunity to meet some other stars residing on Evan's wall of shame/

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Paul Petrea "left" will not be missed.

Paul Petrea "left" will not be mised.
A few months have passed without this enormous mass of a psychopath walking the streets of Cebu and CarCar. The barfines brothels lost a valuable contributor to their principal purveyor of chicks and newly arrived expats directing them to their brothels to be scammed.
It seems he doesn't have the same luck in Cambodia, of what I'm reading not many want to be around him. Since day one, been in Thailand first, he has never used his name, even less in Cambodia. He's under pressure from some members on that, some sarcastic comments from his forumers here and there, not that much of success with Cambodian women, making him a nostalgic of the beautiful Filipinas, those he could beat the hell out of them to satisfy the beast sleeping in him. A psychopath at its finest.
As I stated before, he hopes a comeback to the Philippines, the only place he can have free treatment for his illness, a few women to beat up that is and calm down for a while. One of his victims confirmed it first hand. He said Hi felt in love? Maybe. But no woman ever felt in love with Paul Petrea. Every poor girl came close to him, even those of his close friends, windup to be a bar girl, a scammer or an instrument to his psychotic behavior. When he had nothing in hand he was paying barfine to "hire" a girl during the paroxysm of his craving to hurt. 

Paul Petrea "left" will not be mised.
Click here to read Manilyn's story
For those new on this blog, and those more and more with Cambodian IP visit the site,  I will post some of the legal documents and Photos for the complaint he was charged. If this one made it to my blogs there are others were pending in the prosecutor's office, including   involved in accident driving drunk (as usual) without a driver license where he almost killed a biker.
and there was this deportation order issued in 2006 for another beating on his then wife, for what is important to re-post the way it was perceived by a known figure of the Philippines low life companions he was surrounded  then. Perry Gamsby applauded him on a forum by saying this.

Paul Petrea "left" will not be mised.

One might say, "we have read the same time and again! Do we need to read it again"? The answer is yes. The characters are still around ready to strike again.
Once a Sexpat has fully ingratiated himself within the Sexpat community, there is abolutely no chance for his re-assimilation back into the real world.  The underlying shame and guilt for the extent of his insalubrious indulgences can only be managed so long as he maintains his current lifestyle and continues to live a life of deluded bliss.  The real world will simply not accept someone so lacking in basic moral standards, personal hygiene and self-respect – plus his mate will probably call him a poof.

For the older to remember and the younger to be informed, here is some pictures and  legal documents. 
The pictures below shows the traumas of Manelyn Gerano -Rowe caused by Paul 
Petrea as explained on the affidavits seen below.

Paul Petrea "left" will not be mised.

Paul Petrea "left" will not be mised.

Paul Petrea "left" will not be mised.

Paul Petrea "left" will not be mised.

To be continued, more entries will be posted. Meanwhile you can read more on the subject on the site below, where this entry was first published

Saturday, October 13, 2012

He will never comeback I guarantee it.

Paul Petrea speaking on Cambodia said:
I also like the fact that it is MUCH cheaper to live here, than in Thailand. Additionally, it is a bit cheaper than the Philippines, especially regarding food, and alcohol, if you partake. For those of you who like a little herb to smoke once in a while, that is okay too, apparently. (It is illegal to smoke here, but blind eyes are always turned.). In the Philippines, one should never, EVER consider smoking pot, and certainly do not get caught with ANY amount of marijuana on their person. They will live to regret it.

He will never comeback I guarantee it.
aul Petrea has surfaced, and the same time the arrogance that characterizes this forum. Today he made a long statement, long time no read such a long one from him. And here is what he said:

 He will never comeback I guarantee it.

Click on the image to enlarge it or click here to see the original statement.

 He will never comeback I guarantee it.
Click here to see a saved copy of the forum Reply#2
Rick2ride, You joined the forum in September of this year and it looks like you don't understand what is going on. Your avatar says you live in Australia and apparently you never visit Philippines. I read a few of your posts and don't really get it. What are you doing there? In this forum? But whatever your motivations are I'm not hereto question them but to inform you of something that no member will even think about to mention, not even in the most covered words, for fear of being banned. Now, one might say: "So what?" What it means being banned from this forum?  Well, it does mate.. Let's get it started.
Paul left the building from Cebu to Thailand days before his arrest for criminal violations from the Philippines back door exit as desperate Filipinos do for exiting to other countries in search of work and also fugitives of the Philippines Judicial system on the wanted list.
He didn't like it there for the reasons he explained on the post above and for many other reasons he doesn't say but the team of this blog will reveal soon. Before I continue, I will direct you first to another site to read the story  and what ever triggered his "exit" from the Philippines. Certainly not by choice.Take a look here.   Done? So you now got the idea...
 He will never comeback I guarantee it.
The same after he changed his profile. Click here and
 there you go! 
While in Thailand, Paul kept low profile as never did before, probably fearing extradition to the Philippines and also because of the cold shoulder treatment received from the authorities and the expat community. Who wants a wanted criminal as a friend...So,he decided to move to Cambodia where another of his buddies low life lives, Kenny F. From Pataya to to the Cambodian border by land of course, no question to use air lines where the Immigration scans passports. Will not survive the test. Paul's Passport is fake. On the border, Cambodia's immigrations don't have scanning devises. Cool! 
To your left, are  pictures and links of Paul's posting on the forum he's a "hero". Once there, you can browse the forum freely, no registration required if you don't post. Ever since he "left" the Philippines he has never used his real name anywhere, including his own forum living in Cambodia forum. 
He has since changed his profile name and avatar again! Any one knows who's the guy on the second picture? Please post a comment on that. 

Back to you Rick2ride, I will now paste below Paul's reply to your post in text this time replying in between of every paragraph so you get the point.

Posted Today, 09:07 AM

View PostPaul, on 12 October 2012 - 04:11 PM, said:
"No, you are having a go at me. But, I don't care. Let's see if I can sort this for you.

I stand by what I have always said about the Philippines. I love the Philippines. I will, ultimately, return to the Philippines. I still have a home there, as well as furnishings, vehicles, bank accounts, etc". 

Who doesn't have a go on him.The guy is living in denial of his mental condition perfectly fitting the profile of "dédoublement de la personnalité"illness, unfortunately the psychopath side is dominating the split. Paul Petrea has never had anything in the Philippines, even less now he's not living there. Paul has a house? Most of his life he was living in the dormitories, also called "bed spacers".Paul Petrea lived his first years in the country (PH) on US taxpayers expenses, receiving a disability pension for???? No one knows, until apparently a good doer warned the administration and stopped the scam. 

Ever since, Paul's only income is donations of some members of the forum called "sponsors" some advertisement income, but mostly on scams abusing naive members and accepting commissions from other scammers or wannabe ones, like Tim Potter as an example. 

"With that said, I never knew much about Cambodia before I began talking with other members of this forum, or, in how easy it is to secure visas to stay here. Simply go to any travel agent in town (Sihanoukville), pay ($50 / 1 month single entry, $80 / three months single entry, $160 / six months multiple entry, $290 / one year multiple entry)"

He's either lying or he counts on the sexpats ole farts of his forum don't know how to count, hoping this "visa advantage" will persuade them to move in Cambodia so he can scam them as he did while in the Philippines. (Not the same luck in Cambodia so far, I'll explain later) The numbers he shows are a few dollars more or less the same in the Philippines. You don't need to go to a travel agent, the PH immigration has antennas all over the country.and they are courteous and smiling, as long as you keep your arrogance under control, or you name, appearance and smelly breath keep the away. The last visit Paul has made to the immigration was in the year 2003, the latest immigration record he has is dated back to 2006 in a smelly jail awaiting deportation.   banned for ever to return in the Philippines. But he did manage to come back on a fake passport and stayed until his last departure - January 2012 with no visa at all. No wonder he praises the Cambodia authorities for getting a visa. 

"for the visa you wish to secure, leave your passport with them, and they take it up to Phnom Penh for you. You get your passport back in about four days. (If you live in Phnom Penh, it is the same processing, but you get your passport back the following day.) Tell me the Philippines is easier than that? I don't even want to talk about trying to stay in Thailand. Their visa requirements will make you go round the bend.

In the Philippines, you always have to concern yourself with visa extensions, which are required every two months".

Unless you are a felon or a wanted man like him, no one has to be concerned about visa in the Philippines. 

"You also must leave the country at least every two years. Here, you, quite literally, never have to leave. I also love the fact that I can secure a visa for Vietnam, right here (in town), and drive about three hours to cross over there. I can also be at the border with Thailand, by driving, in about four hours. They will only give you two weeks, though, for a Thailand crossing. That will be fine for me, though, as I will only go there to shop, and / or for Songkran! Here, I never have to board a plane. (I hate flying - with a passion.)"

Yeah? You don't like flying? I don't think any airline company will accept you on their flights, if you make it beyond Immigration control that has a passport scanning devise. 

"I also like the fact that it is MUCH cheaper to live here, than in Thailand. Additionally, it is a bit cheaper than the Philippines, especially regarding food, and alcohol, if you partake. For those of you who like a little herb to smoke once in a while, that is okay too, apparently. (It is illegal to smoke here, but blind eyes are always turned.). In the Philippines, one should never, EVER consider smoking pot, and certainly do not get caught with ANY amount of marijuana on their person. They will live to regret it."

Hummm!! It's getting better and better! Welcome the expert! Do you guys get it? You get the hint? We used to know Paul primarily as being a provider of underaged girls to the brothels -excuse me - let's be nice and call them "barfines coffee-shops"- there he goes setting up a new business and he wants you to join him for a join. No Jack Daniels there? Probably he runs out of money to afford it, pot is cheaper and brings profit at the same time. Druggies on the LNCF reading this, get ready, join your leader's new "job"
Please make us all a favor, take the first plane available to Phnom Penh, less trash in the Philippines, sorry for Cambodia

"Here, the people have little, or no English speaking skills, whatsoever. Here I feel as though I cannot trust Cambodian women as I did Filipinas. Filipinas can speak English, for the most part, to foreigners. Here, I have met many who cannot speak more than two or three words of English.

So, in short, the best way to live in Asia, would be to reside in Cambodia - but, do so with a Filipina. You would have the best of both worlds, easier / cheaper living, and having someone you can actually communicate with, regularly".
He means someone to beat up. Let's leave this up to a gentleman who knows and witnessed Paul's psychotic actions. Some one that I praise his courage and honesty to go public and put the record straight. My apology to him if some tirades were exchanged, I'm taking full responsibility for statements not always accurate I had made on him in the past. Here is Bob Ward former member and moderator on the LIC forums:

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RE: So what's the story - Americano..??
« Reply #320 on: March 5, 2012, 10:32:24 PM »
Bob Ward said:
"I believe that there is no way within the operational capabilities of the forum software for admins to read PMs. But I know full well that you can search the database and find the messages.

Paul has done that in the past and he plainly admitted to it in a nasty message he wrote to Angie from LinC. She had answered a PM from a Filipino in CA who was implying that she was attracted to Paul. She replied that she was not in fact attracted to him as he was not good looking! He went ballistic and banned her immediately, even though at the time she really needed the income from teaching LinC members Cebuano!

So to those of you who think your PMs are private on LinC, think again!!!!!!!! That is just one clear example (of which I have a soft copy) that PMs are being abused there. It's still going on!!!

Fanboat, I feel you are a benevolent and kind man. But I think it's high time that Paul faces the music and pays for his crimes. If this was somewhat of an isolated case, maybe he should get a break. But he has a long history of this sort of thing, even before he came here to Cebu, so it seems from the news paper accounts.

Here are the things he is accused of here, and I think many of us know or believe them to be quite true. And these are just the ones we know about!

* He beat JJ and treated her like crap so he had to leave the country.

* He choked and or beat Vivian on at least two occasions that I know of while also treating her like a dog and humiliating her in public on a regular basis.

* I was told by two different people who own bars that he bar fined a girl and then beat her up.

* It seems pretty clear that he abused Manilyn from the evidence and other accounts available!

A witch hunt is going after innocent people for contrived charges. This is Paul's @ss finally paying the price for his systematic and chronic abuse of women.

To the people who are clueless on LinC about the real Paul, but still jump on Paul's bandwagon, I believe the fat lady is finally beginning her song. There are so many people on LinC who revere him as some sort of prophet, when they really don't even know the guy from Adam. They met him once or twice at a party, many never at all. Wake up!!!

I admit that Paul makes a pretty good Pied Piper, spinning tales to get people to jump on the conga line to Cebu. But the reality is that while he uses a few bits of wit and wisdom to get your attention, he's really blowing smoke up your @ss and working on ways to make a profit from you.

You say, "blowing smoke up my a*s"???? I say yes, BIG time!!! Lets list just a few of his false claims for the heck of it! They are in no particular order.

* I have the utmost respect for the Filipino people. Bullsh it!!! This is self explanatory

* I take learning the Cebuano language very seriously. Bullsh it!!! Most people who have been around Paul for any length of time know that he uses a few phrases and words over and over again like a broken record. And many of those he can't pronounce properly! The Cebuanas who hear him make these boasts about the language all make jokes about him in private.

* You can come here and girls will be readily available for you at the airport when you get off the plane! Bullsh it! Cebu is changing rapidly. There are WAY more foreigners here than just a few years ago. The Filipinos are not so awe struck by foreigners as they used to be. Plus they have learned a few new ways to separate an unsuspecting newbie and his cash!

* You can live here easily on $XXX Bullsh it! Cebu is not cheap anymore! You better have $XXXX unless you want to hunker down in the provinces.

* We won't even go into the Legacy or Pay Day Loan scams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are rumors going around that Broden has bought LinC from Paul. If that is so, he should eject Paul immediately. I am honestly surprised that Broden and Steve openly associate with the likes of Paul! But they just haven't been here enough to see it first hand. They are GOOD men!

Those who have been here long enough to find out about the real Paul, like Fanboat and Lee, have admittedly parted ways with him. I applaud their choice and know full well how they feel!!! Actually the list is much longer than that! Most people are just quiet about it like Billy Reese, the former Admin who was so loved on LinC (Aerosick)

No matter where Paul is at the moment, I think his reign of abuse and pillaging is over!

« Last Edit: March 6, 2012, 01:59:38 AM by Bob Ward »
you can visit the site where Bob made this and other statements by clicking here

Bob Ward has never join the forum again, he enjoys life in the real world as part of the decent expat community in Cebu. I wish  I had to say the same for Guenther Vomberg who instead chose to remain a key poster of this board. Paul's posting above is a slap on his face, putting him deeper and deeper in the shithole. And the uniform? Still in line with the forum ideal Guenther? 

My message to Paul: 
I read this: "I love the Philippines. I will, ultimately, return to the Philippines. I still have a home there, as well as furnishings, vehicles, bank accounts, etc".  

I say this: I'll make sure this never happens. I have already spent some money on you, more than you read on line, to make  sure you are gone. For ever! I do not have control of the Mindanao back door, but I do have in Cebu and other parts of the Philippines where I will be the first to know you are back as I was the first to know you were gone and where. You are not a concern for me anymore, but your forum is. It's getting leaner and leaner. I'll make sure the trend continues 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Paul Petrea now a fugitive hiding in Cambodia.

Paul Petrea now a fugitive hiding in Cambodia.
A team of decent expats living in the Philippines has enough with the way some of them are behaving dragging the entire community to shame, putting the locals against them, forcing the law makers to review their policies in issuing visas. Others, living abroad with their Filipino wives feel the same, disappointed and sad to see the country they avoidably have ties with be portrayed as a refuge to fugitives, low life, mentally disturbed sex tourists that is one of the few countries remaining accepting them with easy indefinite stay. One of them is Paul Petrea owner of the living in in Cebu forum, living in Cebu since year 2000, when he abandoned his Filipina wife and his son in the US where he was living.

He’s violent, choosing women only for slapping and humiliating them creating an image for others  to keep their mouth shot for fear of reprisal and vengeance. He will often make statements for the purpose of intimidation to his potential critiques hoping to silence them before expressing any opinion on him. but is all mirror and smoke. He has zero guts, a real chicken when it comes to a confrontation man to man, the heavy fat body he cares is nothing but a paper mass, will collapse to the slightest defense  from a healthy person regardless of his age, his strength being destroyed from years of alcohol and drugs abuse. Besides, he scrupulously  avoids a visit to the prosecutor’s office under any reason, even as a witness, knowing what awaits him, because those protecting him and sheltering  in the country  won’t come to his defense; The bribees, who ever they are, will take their distance.

Paul Petrea now a fugitive hiding in Cambodia.
You, decent and law abiding people living in Cebu or anywhere in the world and know him, don’t be afraid of him, expose this criminal,  petition the Bureau of Immigration in Cebu for an investigation on his immigration status, his money lending business, his means of survival in the country. Inform the BIR on his “professional” activities, talk in your favorites groups and forums you are a member,warn others to stay away from this guy.Never accept any proposal for a get rich deal  he may offer you. Is,for sure, a scam!

In effect, he has no professional skills in earning legal money. The first years of his stay here, he was living on a meager SS disability pension, barely covering his drinking  habits but the US government stopped financing Paul’s Jack Daniels  expenses with tax payers money. Ever since, he’s living on crooked business, including providing girls to the bikini bars, money lending and laundering, to name a couple. Despite the many complains he has on his ass, he successfully managed to stay in Cebu free and undisturbed, protected by pimps and a few corrupted officials. His friends, are celebrities in the cyber space, Pimpspedophilesperverted pornographers mentally retarded and many others. As we all noticed, with the latest sentencing of two Swedes in Cagayan De Oro to life in prison, a clear and loud message was sent to the sexpat community that things are about to change. Let’s hope Paul Petrea’s immigration status and a closer look at his red districts business will take place soon. He can run but he can’t hide forever. His turn will come sooner or later.
"My girlfriend is a virgin, until this very minute. We moved in together about three weeks ago. There is a 26 year age difference between us. I am 44, she is 18".

Paul Petrea now a fugitive hiding in Cambodia.
 He likes to portray himself as Don Juan kind of lover where in reality is just a cuckold, a looser, a show-off womanizer.Again folks, is smoke and mirror. The reality is he’s an impotent and easy to see it. No woman can get pleasure having a fat, Jack Daniels smelly body on hers that is slim and sexy. No man can perform satisfactorily being drunk as Paul is day in day out. Look at the picture on the left. Do you recognize the “fatal lover” on this profile? As for the young poor girl, she’s nothing else than a toy to Paul’s image building for the purpose to maintain his status in the sexpat community, a must to survive in the PH. Eventually, the girl will end  up in a bar even though according to him, was a virgin girl when he met her.Of course, that perfectly fits to an impotent guy’s taste, a virgin girl doesn’t have experience, hasn’t felt real sex, what ever she gets between her legs is always good. Until Dean or Don show up, and she’s gone!

Folks, come in the open and tell your story, tell us what you know, what you heard, what you witnessed about this scumbag. Anonymous or eponymous, doesn’t matter. How about a little laugh? Look at his facebook page. Christian and member of the GOP? He has never vote in the US, he hasn’t visited the country since left in the 90′s, not even when deported, he chose to be out to Australia instead, (Why is that?)  

And to finish in a laughable note take a look on the picture below, from Paul's FB. He has never voted in his life, he's a fugitive from the state of GA also for more than 20 years now, the GOP will be ashamed to have him on its registers, so will be any church in the world.

Paul Petrea now a fugitive hiding in Cambodia.

Thursday, August 23, 2012



Paul Petrea “aka” Woody Paul Petrea  born June 26 1966 in the state of Georgia USA 

Fellow readers and supporters, to be honest, this entry goes against my desire to make it public that soon, feeling is a little incomplete for prime time. But I feel the pressure from many supporters to publish what ever I have in hand while others work in the background finalizing the stories and action to be taken.When I first publish saved documents regarding Paul violent behavior I came across critics (His friends of course) that accused me of unearthing an already buried old story.

Old? It was only in 2005! Now I am going to bring you back to 1992! Where a carrier psychopath almost killed his then estranged wife Teresa Petrea and their son. He was 25.

Please, find below the first sources of the story including Press articles and links. First a screen shot of the Savannah news paper THE LOCAL Savannah Morning News • Thursday, January 30,1992The only archived record found on the web is in PDF format that may or may not be legible enough, depending of the quality of your screen and resolution you are using. That’s why I will go the extra mile to put the content of the screenshot in real text so you can read the story easy.Let’s get started.

"Paul Petrea was arrested for almost killing his estranged wife, the baby could have been killed as well.

"Tybee Man Drives 10 Miles With Wife Clinging to Car By TOM HOSE
A Tybee Island man drove his car early 10 mites with his wife dinging to the car’s luggage rack after he drove off with the couple’s child, authorities said. 

Woody Paul Petrea, 25, was arrested Monday near Fort Ogtethorpe in north Georgia. Authorities said he drove with his estranged wife, Teresa Petrea, hanging on to the top of the trunk of the vehicle. “I don’t know how she managed to hang on,” Catoosa County Sheriff Phil Summers said Wednesday “Motorists said he was swerving, trying to sling her off the back at 90 mph If he had, we would have working a death. Luckily she managed to hang on.” In a telephone interview Wednesday night, 

Petrea said he never drove faster than the speed limit and that he had stopped the car four times to ask his wife to get off the car He also said the incident covered lass than 10 miles.”I knew that she  wasn’t going to fall off because I wasn’t speeding;’ he said, explaining that his wife was able to stand on the car’s rear bumper white holding on to the rack. 

“I did not threaten her and I did not hurt her in any way, shape or form.” The incident began at a motel in a Chattanooga, Tenn., suburb where the couple had agreed to meet At the motel, Petrea took his 15-month-old son, got into his car with him and started off, authorities said.”She dove onto the back of the car and grabbed onto the luggage rack anticipating that he would stop the car,

” Instead, Petrea headed out to Interstate 75, where he got in the southbound lanes and crated into Georgia. Several motorists noticed the woman hanging from the car, and a driver of a pickup puled up alongside  the car. Petrea swerved and struck the pickup truck, authority said. Petrea said Wednesday that the pickup swerved Into his car. Summers said that after the accident, Petrea got off the Interstate and went west on highway toward Port Ogle A Catoosa county deputy passed the"....Continue page 2C on the left

vehicle, and when he noticed the woman hanging from the car, he turned around behind the car and tried to pull it over. Two miles later
Petrea pulled over, Summers said. My hands were so cold, but I knew that if I let go I’d die/’ Mrs. Petrea said. “I Just knew I couldn’t
let him get away with my baby.” “I realized that I was in the wrong, but there are some things I’m not guilty of,” Petrea said.
Petrea said his wife took the child without his permission on Jan. 5 and that be had not seen or beard from ton until last week.
“All I wanted was to have my son for two weeks,” he said. Petrea, the brother of Thunderbolt Mayor James Petrea, was charged with reckless conduct, leaving
the scene of an accident and several traffic violation He was re leased on a $6,000 bond.

Paul Petrea jumped bail and fled the US to the Philippines.